Mercat Vell

Ibiza Town

Fruit and vegetables have been traded at the elegant, columned neoclassical Mercat Vell since 1872. Today most of the produce, which includes olive oil and artisan bread, is locally sourced. Cafes, bars and restaurants fringe the market, which sits at the foot of Dalt Vila.

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1. Portal de Ses Taules

0.05 MILES

A stone ramp leads up from Ibiza Town's market square to the majestic Portal de Ses Taules, the main entrance to Dalt Vila. Above it hangs a plaque…

2. Ramparts

0.05 MILES

Completely encircling Dalt Vila, Ibiza's colossal protective walls reach more than 25m in height and include seven bastions. Evocatively floodlit at night…

3. Museu d'Art Contemporani d'Eivissa

0.05 MILES

Housed in an 18th-century powder store and armoury, this excellent gallery is a showcase for contemporary art, most of it with an Ibizan connection. The…

4. Passeig Marítim


Ibiza Town's elegant harbour promenade showcases the city's magnificent waterfront. It's a delight to explore, lined with cafes, bars, shops and…

5. Monument als Corsaris

0.11 MILES

Halfway along the Passeig Marítim, this century-old stone obelisk is a monument to Ibiza's corsairs – privateers licensed by the Spanish crown to combat…

6. Dalt Vila

0.12 MILES

Its formidable, floodlit, 16th-century bastions visible from across southern Ibiza, Dalt Vila is a fortified hilltop first settled by the Phoenicans and…

7. Carrer de la Verge

0.13 MILES

Running parallel to the harbour front, this tiny 400m-long lane is named after the Virgin Mary, though these days it's dedicated more to bacchanalian…

8. Centre d’Interpretació Madina Yabisa

0.14 MILES

This small but detailed Dalt Vila interpretation centre replicates the medieval Moorish city of Madina Yabisa (Ibiza Town), prior to the island’s fall to…