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If you have your own vehicle, the town is an easy jaunt from Kuala Lumpur (70km southeast), with plenty of pretty countryside to explore nearby.

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$65 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor: Fireflies Boat Tour and Dinner

You’ll be picked up from your Kuala Lumpur hotel in the afternoon for a tranquil escape from the busy city. Your knowledgeable guide will take you 1 hour northeast to Kuala Selangor, the former royal capital of the state of Selangor and home to Kampung Kuantan, a quiet village housing one of the world’s largest firefly colonies. When you arrive, head to Kota Melawati (formerly known as Fort Altingsburg) located on Bukit Melawati, a hill at the mouth of the Selangor River. Explore the ruins of this old fort and see cannons and other artifacts from the early 1900s that overlook the expansive wetlands at the base of the hill. Here, you’ll also see the Royal Mausoleum -- a royal burial ground containing the graves of the first three Sultans of Selangor -- as well as the legendary 100 staircase, which was created as a means to climb up Selangor Hill but is also a fabled execution block. Head to Kuala Selangor Nature Park at the foot of Bukit Melawati, where your guide will help point out migratory birds. If you’re lucky, you may spot silvered-leaf monkeys and rare species of bird and butterflies native to this region. At dusk, proceed to a nearby fishing village for a seafood dinner. You’ll dine on the fresh catch of the day, giving you a taste of authentic Malaysian flavors. After dinner, take a short drive to Kampung Kuantan to board a typical Malaysian wooden row boat. Relax and enjoy the lush scenery as your skilled oarsmen row upstream through mangroves. As you enter the darkness of the night, you’ll witness one of nature’s most incredible phenomena – tiny twinkling lights of thousands of fireflies swarming among the trees. This is truly a magical sight!Your boat ride will last between 30-45 minutes, and you’ll be driven back to your hotel afterward with an amazing story to tell.

$150 Day Trips & Excursions

Kuala Lumpur Nature Tour with Batu Caves and Elephant Center

11.30am - 12pm Our English speaking Tour Coordinators will pick you up to visit the iconic and colorful Batu Caves, Climb 272 steps to the temple of Hindu deity with its impressive statue.  Ladies to be properly attired to enter the temple. After lunch depart for the Elephant Sanctuary. Our  elephants are an endangered species and smaller than the African elephants. Orphaned elephants are also housed at this center and you will get a chance to feel and feed them in their enclosures.  A relaxed drive through the countryside brings you to Bukit Melawati in Kuala Selangor. On arrival, you can watch the silvered leaf monkeys that live in clusters and thrive on young leaves, wild shoots, and fruits. They will clamber all over you if you have food with you.  Follow up this unique brush with wildlife with seafood dinner at a riverside cafe. Catch a boat ride down the Selangor River to watch fireflies flashing in synchronicity. The fireflies congregate on mangrove trees and their bioluminescence glows like dazzling lights on a Christmas tree. It is a love making ritual.  Kuala Selangor has the biggest colony of fireflies.  The boat ride is exhilarating. Once you've seen the night show, make the return transfer to Kuala Lumpur, arriving at your hotel approximately 2100hrs.

$25 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor: Firefly Boat Tour with Dinner

This Full-Day trip starts with a hotel pickup at Kuala Lumpur around 3.30 pm by a private vehicle and head to Kuala Selangor. Quick-stop will be Indian Temple and follow by palm tree plantation area. Around 5.30 pm, we will straight to Bukit Melawati to see Fort Altingsburg and a lighthouse on a hill top surrounded by tall trees that are a heaven for local birds, silver leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques. Other than that, you will be mesmerized by the sunset on the top of the hill. Around 7:00pm you will proceed to a nearby fishing village for a typical set seafood dinner by river side before making your way to the boat. Embark on a boat to be rowed along the river. Now, it’s time to see the fireflies in all their dazzling glory and splendour, like twinkling electric lights on a Christmas tree. Your driver will transfer you back to your hotel and you will arrive in Kuala Lumpur around a proximity 10:30pm after a wonderful and unforgettable tour.

$80.07 Day Trips & Excursions

Batu Caves, Kuala Selangor Firefly Cruise from Kuala Lumpur

Our English speaking driver/guide will pick you up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur city area around 2pm and head to Batu Caves, a huge limestone outcrop housing an elaborate Hindu temple. This is a very special place and you will be greeted by the statue of Lord Hanuman. He is big, bold and huge. Eyes left and you cannot fail to see the statue of Lord Murugan which has to be the most majestic statue and even bigger than Lord Hanuman. The steps going up is quite steep and challenging with the amount of monkeys around. Enjoy the breathtaking city view and take some pretty photos before we proceed to Royal Selangor Pewter factory to understand the tin (pewter) arts and history. Don’t forget to look at the F1 trophies they have made for the Malaysia, Singapore and China races.Around 5pm, we will continue our tour to Kuala Selangor. Stop at Melawati Hill and see the Silver-Leafed Monkeys and long-tailed macaques. The significant difference between the silver-leafed babies as compared to the adults is that these babies have golden fur while the adults have dull grey colors. Visitors are advice to stay away from the macaques and keep to the main feeding area for safety reason. Explore the Dutch fortress atop Melawati Hill and enjoy the panoramic view of the estuary of Selangor River and fishing village. Delicious seafood dinner will be served at a local restaurant around 6:30pm and followed by a fireflies watching. Embark on a small wooden boat, and cruising along the river in the night to capture the beauty of this natural wonder. The calm and darkness along with the fireflies lit up in the trees made for a romantic end to what had been a prefect day! You will be transferred back to hotel around 9pm and reaching Kuala Lumpur around 9:45pm depends on the traffic conditions.

$70 Kid Friendly

Kuala Selangor Firefly Tour including Seafood Dinner

You will be picked up from Kuala Lumpur City Centre Hotel and transfer to Kuala Selangor that will take approximately 1.5 hours. Kuala Selangor is a small village that well-known for attraction alongside the Selangor River that flows through the village. Here you can find millions of fireflies. Upon arrival you'll be visiting to Bukit Melawati where Fort Altingsburg is located. The hilltop is capped by a lighthouse surrounded by tall beautiful shady trees which are a haven for local birds, silvered leaf monkeys and long tail macaques.You’ll head to a nearby fishing village for a typical seafood dinner before making your way to Kampung Kuantan.Around 6:30pm you'll visit to Malay Village which is Kampung Kuanatan, where they will board a boat. Life jackets are provided and the boatman would row the boat along the river. As mentioned earlier, here millions of fireflies present us with a dazzling display of lights flickering in synchronous that resemble twinkling electric lights on a Christmas tree. Definitely you'll will be bedazzled and the sight will take your breath away! Once complete the tour, you'll be depart from Kuala Selangor around 8:30pm and back to Kuala Lumpur with sweet memories in the comfort private vehicle.

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Fireflies and Kuala Selangor Tour Including Dinner

Upon arrival at Kuala Selangor, you will visit Kota Melawat,i formerly known as Fort Altinsburg, the execution block, royal mausoleum, and colonial buildings. You will also visit a bird sanctuary park at the foot of Bukit Melawati. It is an ideal place to watch migratory birds. After a local fish dinner, you will proceed to Kampung Kuantan - the highlight of the tour. You will travel upstream in a small un-motorized boat (tongkang) in the quiet darkness to witness the blinking trees. This scintillating display of fireflies brings to mind images of flashing Christmas trees. The synchronized rhythmic flashing is produced by the thousands of fireflies found in the mangrove swamp of Kampung Kuantan. Your skilled local oarsmen will make this an unforgettable experience.