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The main gateway is Cagliari, Sardinia's largest city. Cultured and cosmopolitan, the island’s historic capital is a joy to explore with its bristling waterfront, colourful alleyways and formidable hilltop citadel. Its museums, galleries and baroque churches are among Sardinia’s best, harbouring innumerable treasures. Yet for all its riches, Cagliari remains a busy working port and a trip here is as much about the simple pleasures as sightseeing: seafood dinners in neighbourhood trattorias, people-watching at pavement cafes, strolling through medieval alleyways.

East of Cagliari, the landscape becomes increasingly wild as urban sprawl gives way to the verdant, wooded mountains of the Sarrabus. This great unspoilt wilderness boasts inspiring scenery and magnificent white beaches at Villasimius and the Costa Rei, two of the area’s most popular summer destinations.

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Wine Tour from Cagliari to Sardinian Wine Cellars

Depart from Cagliari and from nearby places, to visit one of the wine cellars in Sardinia. In the last twenty years the wine production became very popular in the island and the wine makers follow an ancestral tradition. The tour consists of the visits to vineyards in the countryside, meet the producer, gain knowledge of the area and grape's history. At the winery, is possible understand the different stages of production, from the harvest to bottling. The discover of different local grapes like Cannonau, Muristellu, Nuragus and Carignano includes wine tasting with a food tasting course and brunch. The foods are local and homemade. Sometimes we organize a panoramic city tour before coming back.

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Cagliari Segway Tour

Choose from a morning or afternoon departure and connect with your guide in central Cagliari. Begin with a 30-minute orientation session to get you comfortable with the self-balancing, electric vehicle. Once you’ve got the hang of it and feel ready to begin, pop in your headphones and get moving.Follow your guide around the attractive Marina district, zooming along the coast, through ancient lanes and over to the bustling Piazza Yenne, a small square dotted with cafes and bars. Then, start the ascent up the sloping streets toward Cagliari’s historical center. Climb up the hills and curve around the tight corners without so much as breaking a sweat; the Segway does all the hard work for you. Cruise through the tree-lined pathways of the Public Gardens, passing by the Municipal Art Gallery, a grand Neoclassical building within the park’s confines. Navigate your way through steep alleys and cobbled piazzas of the medieval Castello district. Along the way, see sights that bear witness to the city’s incredible history. Admire the imposing fortifications, including the hulking St Pancras Tower, which is located at the highest point of the city. View the elegant Royal Palace and various striking churches including the 13th-century Cagliari Cathedral. Venture further north to discover the incredible ruins of a Roman amphitheater. Set high up on the Buon Cammino hill, this site boasts commanding views of the fortified city below. Break for a refreshing drink in a terrace cafe in Castello, then make your way back down towards the harbor, where your tour concludes.

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Barumini Unesco Site and Giara of Gesturi Half-day Tour from Cagliari

The guided excursion to see the Nuraghe of Barumini and Giara’s mini horses starts from Cagliari, usually in the morning, and lasts for half a day.Nuraghe of Barumini.The guided tour of the archaeological site of Barumini will introduce you to the origins of the Sardinian culture. 'Su Nuraxi,' the Nuraghe of Barumini, is located just few steps from the village of Barumini and from the Park of Giara in the region of Marmilla. Declared a World Heritage Site in 1997 by UNESCO, the Nuraghe of Barumini is definitely one of the most famous and most important archaeological sites in Sardinia.The importance of the archaeological 'Su Nuraxi,' discovered and brought to light in the 1950s during excavations conducted by the great archaeologist Giovanni Lilliu, is its complexity and its excellent condition. The immense Nuraghe of Barumini consists of megalithic stones of incomparable beauty and perfection. Barumini is a symbol of Nuragic civilization that contains the greatest secrets of Sardinia.The monument, with one of the most extraordinary floor plans and architectural achievements ever produced by the Nuragic culture, is composed of four towers connected by straight curtains. To the East and South of the fort there is an agglomeration of 200 huts that were part of the village.After visiting the Nuraghe of Barumini the excursion will continue to the Giara of Gesturi to admire its natural beauty and the famous wild horses of Giara di Gesturi.Giara di GesturiSardinia has a long tradition in riding, and it is one of the last regions in Europe where you can still find wild horses, like the famous 'Cavallini of Giara di Gesturi.'The horses of the Giara, imported by the Phoenicians or coming from Greece brought by sailors, are today the only survivors of numerous groups that until the late Middle Ages lived in the wild on the island. In the vast plateau, the small horses (they are not ponies!) number about 500. They have found here an ideal habitat that allowed them to recover, at least partially, the genotype of the wild horse.The small horses of Giara have a sprightly and indomitable character and although apparently peaceful, they have a sense of strength and resistance whenever they suspect humans are trying to threaten or deprive them of their freedom.Their dimensions are small compared to those of traditional horses, although their graceful proportions are not those of a small pony. The average height is approximately 1.20 m. The mane and tail are thick. They live in small family groups consisting of a stable dominant male and 7 or 8 females with their foals, although it is not uncommon to find groups of 'bachelor' males, usually older horses of 15-20 years. Each group has a well-defined territory.

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West Beaches Tour from Cagliari

The tour starts from Cagliari. The first stop will be along the pond of Santa Gilla where you are going to see the characteristic pink flamingos. After that, we are going to drive to Su Cardolinu little island, from where you can enjoy the sight of the Chia Tower. We will walk for a few minutes to the beautiful beach of Chia Tower, where you are going to enjoy the sun, the water and beautiful landscape. Later, we will drive to Su Giudeu beach, that has been voted the best beach of Italy. There we will make the last stop and you will be able to enjoy the beach and the wonderful white dunes. Then, we will go back in Cagliari

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Cagliari Easy Tour

Meet your private tour guide in front of the port, under the elegant portico date back to the 19th century, that still today hosts fashion cafés and boutiques. From there, take the public city bus to reach the upper and fascinating quarter of Castello. There, you will see the Medieval walls, the Pisan tower of San Pancrazio and the Spanish fortifications. Have a break in a nice panoramic terrace to enjoy a breath-taking view over the Gulf of the Angels, the Pond of Molentargius and the hills of Cagliari. After a little walk through historical buildings, you will reach the noteworthy Cathedral of Santa Maria, date back to the 13th century, where you will see the Romanesque Pulpit by Master Guglielmo and the Baroque Crypt dug under the main altar. Then, reach the marvellous Umberto I terrace and take the panoramic lift to the lower quarter of Villanova and visit the pleasant green area “Giardino sotto le Mura”, embellished by the sculptures of the local artist Pinuccio Sciola. Leaving the garden, you will find yourself in front of one of the most important monument of the city: the rampart of San Remy, built at the beginning of the 20th century to celebrate the Savoy dynasty.  Finally, take the bus to go to visit the market of San Benedetto: the largest covered civic market in Europe, fully alive and plenty of fresh delicacy. There you will have a free tasting of Sardinian typical products. Then, your guide will accompany you to the tour’s starting point by bus.

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Cagliari Fiat 500 City Tour

Fiat 500 "Vintage" city tour is a charming tour with a professional tourist guide in the city of Cagliari. Discover this Italian city's greatness and landscapes. Explore the history from ancient civilizations to the modern age. You can enjoy a tour in an historical neighbourhood of the old city centre "Castello, Villanova, Marina, Stampace" and see the city from the panoramic points like the lagoon area and Poetto beach on board of the magic Fiat 500, ready to experience emotions and memories of the past. The car was bought in 1972 and its component are originals still now.