Must-see attractions in Bologna

  • Bologna, Italy - 18 June 2022: A photo of the Lucio Dalla's house in  a beautiful day; Shutterstock ID 2185058975; purchase_order: 65050; job: poi; client: ; other:

    Casa di Lucio Dalla


    The 15th-century Palazzo Casa Fontana poi Gamberini – the fascinating, pricier-than-the-Colosseum home of eccentric Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla …

  • Bologna, Italy - The basilica of Santo Stefano, Holy Jerusalem, known as Seven Churches. Emilia-Romagna region.; Shutterstock ID 660489289; purchase_order: 65050; job: poi; client: ; other:

    Basilica di Santo Stefano


    Bologna's most unique religious site is this atmospheric labyrinth of interlocking ecclesiastical structures, whose architecture spans centuries of…

  • Wide-angle interior view of the Basilica of San Petronio, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Italy showing the marble columns and ornate gilded cross above the altar.
campanile, palazzo

    Basilica di San Petronio


    Bologna's hulking Gothic basilica is Europe's sixth-largest church, measuring 132m by 66m by 47m. Work began on it in 1390, but it was never finished, and…

  • San Colombano – Collezione Tagliavini


    An absolutely stunningly restored church with original frescoes and a medieval crypt rediscovered in 2005, the San Colombano hosts a wonderful collection…

  • BOLOGNA, ITALY - CIRCA DECEMBER, 2017: Parmiggiano Reggiano store inside Fico Eataly World, located in Bologna, is the largest agrofood park in the world. Internal view.; Shutterstock ID 768732697; your: Bridget Brown; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI Image Update

    FICO Eataly World


    FICO, the world's largest agri-food park, opened in 2017 to equal parts cheering and sneering in a formerly dilapidated wholesale farmers' market 7km…

  • Bologna, Italy - Two Towers (Due Torri), Asinelli and Garisenda, symbols of medieval Bologna towers.

    Torre degli Asinelli


    Bologna's two leaning towers are the city's main symbol. The taller of the two, the 97.2m-high Torre degli Asinelli (the tallest leaning medieval tower in…

  • Quadrilatero


    To the east of Piazza Maggiore, the grid of streets around Via Clavature (Street of Locksmiths) sits on what was once Roman Bologna. Known as the…

  • Palazzo Poggi


    Three university museums are housed inside this 14th-century palace. At Museo di Palazzo Poggi, you can peruse terracotta uteri in the Obstetrics…

  • Santuario di Santa Maria della Vita


    In the heart of the Quadrilatero, this 17th-century shrine is one of Bologna's most beautiful and important, not only for its 13th-century foundation by…

  • Museo della Storia di Bologna


    Walk in a historical neophyte and walk out an A-grade honours student in Bologna’s golden past. This magnificent interactive museum, opened in 2012 and…

  • Le Due Torri


    Standing sentinel over Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, Bologna's two leaning towers are the city's main symbol. The taller of the two, the 97.2m-high Torre…

  • Palazzo Comunale, Piazza Maggiore, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy, Europe

    Palazzo Comunale


    The palace that forms the western flank of Piazza Maggiore has been home to the Bologna city council since 1336. A salad of architectural styles, it owes…

Bologna, Palazzo D' Accursio, Collezioni comunali d'arte.


    Collezioni Comunali d'Arte


    On the 2nd floor of Palazzo Comunale you'll find the art gallery Collezioni Comunali d'Arte with its interesting collection of 13th- to 19th-century…

  • Italy, Emilia Romagna region, Mushroom shaped cinerary urn from San Vitale necropolis

    Museo Civico Archeologico


    Impressive in its breadth of coverage of historical eras, this museum displays well-documented Egyptian and Roman artefacts along with one of Italy's best…

  • Museo Ducati


    With all the Ferraris and Lamborghinis around, it's easy to overlook Motor Valley's two-wheeled contribution to world-class motorsports. Ducati sits right…

  • Pinacoteca Nazionale


    The city's main art gallery has a powerful collection of works by Bolognese artists from the 14th century onwards, including a number of important…

  • Teatro Anatomico


    Housed in Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio, the fascinating 17th-century Teatro Anatomico is where public body dissections were held under the sinister gaze of…

  • Piazza Maggiore


    All roads lead to pivotal 13th-century Piazza Maggiore, flanked by Basilica di San Petronio, Europe's sixth-largest basilica, and a series of impressive…

  • Palazzo Fava


    This exhibition space encased in a Renaissance mansion is frequently the site of blockbuster temporary art shows, which range in price from €6 to €14 …

  • Basilica di San Domenico


    Built in 1238, this basilica shelters the remains of San Domenico, founder of the Dominican order. Along the right aisle, the Cappella di San Domenico…

  • Basilica di San Francesco


    Think Gothic. This dark mysterious church was one of the first in Italy to be built in the French Gothic style. Inside check out the tomb of Pope…

  • Oratorio di Santa Cecilia


    This is one of Bologna's unsung gems. Inside, the magnificent 16th-century frescoes by Lorenzo Costa depicting the life and lurid death of St Cecilia and…

  • Passage in Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio.

    Palazzo dell'Archiginnasio


    This palace was the seat of the city university from 1563 to 1805. These days its chief attraction is the fascinating 17th-century Teatro Anatomico, a…

  • La Terrazza Panoramica


    Basilica di San Petronio's new (and temporary) 54m-high panoramic terrace – reached from an entrance behind the basilica – doesn't hold a candle to the…

  • MAMbo


    Avant-gardes, atheists and people who've had their fill of dark religious art can seek solace in one of Bologna's newer museums (opened 2007), housed in a…

  • Palazzo del Re Enzo


    This 13th-century palace is named after King Enzo, the illegitimate son of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II, who was held here by papal forces between 1249…

  • Palazzo del Podestà


    Dating to the 13th century, the Palazzo del Podestà was the original residence of Bologna's chief magistrate. Beneath the palazzo there's a whispering…

  • Fontana del Nettuno


    Adjacent to Piazza Maggiore, Piazza del Nettuno owes its name to this explicit bronze statue sculpted by Giambologna in 1566. Beneath the muscled sea god,…

  • Cattedrale Metropolitana di San Pietro


    A short walk north of Piazza Maggiore, Bologna’s cathedral, the Metropolitana di San Pietro, has suffered redevelopment many times over the centuries…

  • San Luca Sky Experience


    Climb 110 steps into the cupola of the city's postcard 18th-century hilltop Basilica Santuario della Madonna di San Luca for an 180-degree view back…

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