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A heavyweight Renaissance art city peppered with colossal palaces and still ringed by its intact medieval walls, Ferrara jumps out at you like an absconded Casanova (he once stayed here) on the route between Bologna and Venice. But, like any city situated in close proximity to La Serenissima, it is serially overlooked. As a result, Venice avoiders will find Ferrara's bike-friendly streets and frozen-in-time palazzi... Read More

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Bike Tour Discovering Ferrara

A heavyweight Renaissance art city peppered with colossal palaces and still ringed by its intact medieval walls, Ferrara jumps out at you like an absconded Casanova (he once stayed here) on the route between Bologna and Venice.Two souls vibrate in the city of Ferrara: a medieval one in the south and the a Renaissance one in the north, converging in the Castello Estense.Start by Viale Cavour-Corso Giovecca, the road axis that represents an ideal bridge between the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We are going to reach the ancient city walls by bike, and we we’ll find out that Ferrara is one of the few Italian cities still walled up, surrounded by as many as 9 km of defensive walls with green paths, viable on foot or by bike.Then we will continue our guided tour beginning from the mighty Castello Estense. This symbol of the city’s history and power dates from the time of the Este family, the Lords who ruled Ferrara for over 300 years, making it a capital for culture and artistic achievements. See the magnificent façade of St. George Cathedral, all decorated with stone relief like lace and full of statues, with monsters and griffins at the front door. The long side of the cathedral on Piazza Trento & Trieste (once the market square) is also beautiful.Then we'll go on towards the famous district of 'Addizione Erculea.' Commissioned by Duke Ercole I at the end of the 15th century, it’s the very first European example of integral development plan that earned Ferrara’s inclusion in the UNESCO List in 1995. Here, the most famous building is Palazzo dei Diamanti with 8,500 ashlar stone diamond-shaped blocks.From Quadrivio Degli Angeli we arrive at Piazza Ariostea dominated by the statue of court poet, Ludovico Ariosto. Not far away is the Monumental Certosa of San Cristoforo, a beautiful religious complex from the 15th century, and the relaxing Ferrara walls too.

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Private Day Tour of Ravenna and Ferrara

Meet your private guide in either Ravenna or Ferrara to begin this full-day tour.Visit the historic city of Ravenna in the morning. 1600 years ago Ravenna was the capital of the Western Roman Empire, and later the capital of the Kingdom of Italy, a key town in the history of the Western world and beyond. Ravenna retains the lavish testimonials of this glorious past; in fact, the city preserves the richest world heritage of mosaics dating from the 5th and the 6th century AD, kept within its Paleo-Christian and Byzantine religious buildings, all UNESCO World Heritage sites.Visiting the historic center on foot or by bicycle is like reliving thousands of years of history. Start from ancient Roman times with Ravenna's early Christian basilicas, through the Renaissance and up to the 19th century, when the city was rediscovered by famous visitors such as Oscar Wilde, Sigmund Freud, Lord Byron, and Gustav Klimt.In the afternoon, head for the city of Ferrara, a splendid city of art. Enjoy walking its streets to absorb its character. The magnificence of this Renaissance capital is revealed on every corner.Through its glorious past you can understand the roots of its present. The Este family governed here for three centuries and gave the city the appearance it has today: a uniquely planned city, harmoniously fusing Medieval and Renaissance, Europe's first modern city. It is precisely these characteristics that secured its UNESCO World Heritage status. This private day tour will allow you to visit these 2 beautiful cities, and is a great introductory tour.

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Private Hot Air Balloon Flight from Bologna

Start your experience with a pickup from your Bologna hotel in the early morning and travel to the launch spot near Ferrara. When you arrive, receive a safety briefing and watch the inflation of the giant balloon, and then step inside the basket for an exhilarating 1-hour flight. Let your pilot do the work as you relax and savor this special experience with your private group of up to five people.Take in awe-inspiring views as you glide over the broad streets and medieval palaces of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed city of Ferrara. Spot Castello Estense, a famous moated castle from the Middle Ages. As you rise to an altitude of some 2,000 feet (610 meters), soar over the hills, valleys, vineyards and pretty villages of the gorgeous Emilia-Romagna region. Then, fly over the quiet flat lands toward the River Po, which snakes east through Turin, Piacenza, Ferrara and Milan.The balloons are directed by the breeze, so each flight offers a different experience. When you land, toast to your unforgettable hot air balloon ride with a glass of sparkling wine. Relax with a transfer back to the launch site, and then finish your private balloon experience with a drop-off at your Bologna hotel.