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Casa di Lucio Dalla

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The 15th-century Palazzo Casa Fontana poi Gamberini – the fascinating, pricier-than-the-Colosseum home of eccentric Italian singer-songwriter Lucio Dalla (1943–2012) – opened publicly in 2019 and is a thrilling addition to Bologna's cultural arsenal. Dalla, one of Italy's most world-renowned contemporary songwriters, lived here between 1993 until his death and amassed an extraordinary collection of art. Highlights include numerous 18th-century Neapolitan nativity scenes and many provocative works (see the life-sized bronzed flasher in the music room!).

The home, more or less untouched since his death, is chock-full of personal artefacts (awards, cigarette cases, pocket watches, musical instruments), each room an extraordinary dive into the heart and mind of one of the country's most beloved troubadours (additionally, the historic ceilings, awash in brilliant frescoes, are an attraction in themselves). It all culminates in his Stanza dello Scemo (Fool's Room), Dalla's hypnotic and enthralling man cave, complete with a massive projection screen, toy train and recycled porn cinema seats. Tours run Fridays only at 3pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm from March to June (3pm and 4pm only from September to February) and fill up fast – he was absolutely huge in Italy. Reserve well in advance via Bologna Welcome.

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