Must see attractions in Papua

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    These small, uninhabited and incredibly picturesque islands, 30km beyond Waigeo, feature heavily in Raja Ampat promotional material. It’s mainly…

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    Taman Nasional Teluk Cenderawasih

    After fishermen set out wooden platforms to lure fish in the '90s, some unexpectedly large ones began showing up. Whale sharks! In 2002, this special…

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    Museum Loka Budaya

    Cenderawasih University’s cultural museum contains a fascinating range of Papuan artefacts including the best collection of Asmat carvings and ‘devil…

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    Often referred to as Little Wayag, this scenic overlook offers the famous striking views of the jagged Fam Islands poking out of calm, turquoise waters…

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    Wasur National Park

    The 4130-sq-km Wasur National Park, stretching between Merauke and the PNG border, will fascinate anyone with an interest in birds and marsupials. But…

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    Goa Jepang

    The Japanese Cave, 4km northeast of Kota Biak, was used as a base and hideout in WWII by thousands of Japanese soldiers. A tunnel from it is said to lead…

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    Danau Habbema

    This lovely lake, 30km west of Wamena as the crow flies, sits amid alpine grasslands at 3400m altitude, with dramatic, snow-capped mountains in view …

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    Pulau Mansinam

    Two German missionaries settled on Mansinam Island off Manokwari in 1855 and became the first to spread Christianity in Papua. The picturesque, rainforest…

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    Pantai Base G

    Base G beach is nearly 3km long, sandy, clean and lined with wooden picnic platforms. The best beach easily accessible from Jayapura, it is usually near…

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    Wimontok Mabel Mummy

    The celebrated mummy is kept at the tiny settlement of Sumpaima, 300m north of Jiwika along the main road from the main village entrance (look for the…

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    Air Garam

    At Iluwe, 1½ hours up a steep path from Jiwika, is Air Garam, a group of saltwater wells. Villagers soak sections of banana trunk in the water, then dry…

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    Gua Wikuda

    In Wosilimo, a 45-minute drive northwest from Wamena, Gua Wikuda is said to be several kilometres long, with an underground river that reaches Danau…

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    Werapak Elosak Mummy

    About 8km from Wamena, nondescript Aikima is famous for its Werapak Elosak mummy, the (supposedly) 300-year-old corpse of a great chief, which was…

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    Pantai Pasir Putih

    About 5km southeast of town, this 600m curve of clean white sand and clear water is good for swimming, and snorkelling if you have your own gear. It’s…

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    Tugu MacArthur

    For breathtaking views of Danau Sentani, head up to the MacArthur monument on Gunung Ifar. This was where General Douglas MacArthur set up his…

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    Taman Burung & Taman Anggrek

    At Ibdi, 12km east of Kota Biak on the Bosnik road, the Bird & Orchid Garden contains a sizeable collection of (caged) Papuan birds, including strikingly…

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    Gua Kotilola

    The road north from Jiwika is flanked by rocky hills with several caves. Gua Kotilola is a sizeable cavern up a short, pretty path behind a Dani compound,…

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    Pantai Nabire

    A fairly unbecoming beachfront that serves as local hang-out spot, particularly in the evenings. Vendors sell fried food, street noodles and other snacks…

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    Alongga Huby Mummy

    The 280-year-old Alongga Huby mummy can be viewed in Araboda; viewings cost around 80,000Rp (plus another 50,000Rp to the holder).

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    Pyramid is a graceful mission village named after the shape of a nearby hill.