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Top choice in Raja Ampat Islands

These small, uninhabited and incredibly picturesque islands, 30km beyond Waigeo, feature heavily in Raja Ampat promotional material. It’s mainly liveaboards that dive here, but Wayag also attracts nondivers for its scenery, snorkelling and the challenge of scaling its highest peak, Pindito, also known as Wayag I. A second, slightly lower peak (referred to as Wayag II) offers equally breathtaking views.

The most popular dive site in Wayag is Eagle Rock, an advanced endeavor with considerable current and frequent sightings of wobbegong sharks, sweetlips, barracudas, reef sharks and manta rays. Wayag's Gate, a less challenging site with little to no current, features awe-inspiring coral and the occasional manta ray.

An all-day speedboat round-trip from Waisai for six to 10 people usually costs between 15,000,000Rp and 20,000,000Rp.