Ram Gopal Poddar Chhatri


The imposing Ram Gopal Poddar Chhatri, to the south of the bus stand, was built in 1872. The main dome is surrounded by a series of smaller domes; on the western side of the main dome’s outer rim, one of the projecting braces bears a picture of a naked woman stepping into her lehanga (long skirt), while another woman shields her from a man’s gaze with the hem of her skirt.

The drum of the main dome is brightly painted and has well-preserved paintings in blues and reds depicting the battle from the Ramayana. The caretaker with the key resides in the nearby Jagdish Mandir.

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1. Jagdish Mandir

0.12 MILES

Here you will find the caretaker who has the key for the Chhatri assuming he's not out for lunch.

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