Radhi Murlimanohar Temple


About 50m northeast of Char Chowk Haveli is this large temple (1845), which retains a few paintings beneath the eaves and some sculptures of deities around the external walls.

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1. Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli

0.06 MILES

If you take the road east from the Radhi Murlimanohar Temple, on the corner of the second laneway on the right is the Chetram Sanganeeria Haveli. The…

2. Char Chowk Haveli

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Beneath the eaves on the northern external wall of this haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence), you’ll find a picture of a bird standing on an…

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5. Vishnunath Keria Haveli

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The 1885 Mahavir Prasad Goenka Haveli is considered by some to have some of the best paintings in Shekhawati. The rooms on the 1st floor are the most…

8. Geori Shankar Haveli

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This atmospheric and still-inhabited ruin has fine mirror mosaics on the ceiling of the antechamber, religious paintings in the outer courtyard, and…