Chutes du Carbet

Waterfall in Basse-Terre Island

Unless it’s overcast, the drive up to the Chutes du Carbet lookout gives a view of two magnificent waterfalls plunging down a sheer mountain face. From the lookout you can see the two highest waterfalls from the upper parking lot, where a signboard marks the trailhead to the falls' base. The well-trodden walk to the second-highest waterfall (110m) takes 20 minutes; it’s about a two-hour hike to the highest waterfall (115m).

Starting from St-Sauveur on the N1, the road runs 8.5km inland, making for a nice 15-minute drive up through a rainforest. Nearly 3km before the end of the road is a marked stop at the trailhead to Grand Etang, a placid lake circled by a loop trail. It’s just a five-minute walk from the roadside parking area down to the edge of the lake, and it takes about an hour more to stroll the lake’s perimeter.