Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin

Top choice in Basse-Terre Island

This Unesco Biosphere Reserve just off the coast of Basse-Terre makes for an enjoyable day trip. A chain of coral islets sitting atop a 25km-long coral wall, the reserve supports unique ecosystems, including mangrove forest, rich birdlife and reefs bursting with tropical fish. There are also some gorgeous white-sand beaches where you'll never have to worry about overcrowding. Book a boat trip through one of the many agencies in Ste-Rose.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Basse-Terre Island attractions

1. Musée du Rhum

2.17 MILES

Those who want to understand how the ambrosia called rum starts in the sugarcane fields and ends on their palate should head to this museum, which has…

2. Plage de Clugny

4.58 MILES

Between Grande Anse and Ste-Rose, at the northern tip of Basse-Terre, this dazzling stretch of golden sand is lapped by jade waters that just beg to be…

3. Grande Anse

7.02 MILES

This superb golden-sand beach with no hotel development in sight is just 2km north of Deshaies. This is one of Basse-Terre's longest and prettiest…

4. Jardin Botanique de Deshaies

8.09 MILES

Away from the beach, Deshaies' top attraction is its botanical garden, which also has some interesting animal life to keep the kids entertained. Among the…

5. Saut d'Acomat

10.7 MILES

A short drive inland from the Maison du Cacao, this waterfall and deep pool are one of Basse-Terre's most accessible beauty spots. Cool off in the rushing…

6. Anse du Souffleur

11.44 MILES

This long, gently arching beach in northwestern Grande-Terre has soft, pale sand, lapis-lazuli waters and fabulous views of mountainous Basse-Terre in the…

7. Maison du Cacao

11.45 MILES

One of Basse-Terre's most enjoyable attractions, the Maison du Cacao is for anyone who loves their chocolate. Presentations in English take place at 10am,…

8. Cascade aux Ecrevisses

11.59 MILES

This idyllic jungle waterfall drops from a Basse-Terre mountainside into a small riverside pool where you can swim. It's a wonderful and therefore popular…