Valombreuse Floral Park

Basse-Terre Island

Nestled in the hills west of Petit-Bourg, this mature 14-hectare botanical garden includes a wide range of tropical plants and flowers, a palmery, and lots of activities for kids. There’s also a path to a waterfall that spills into a swimming hole.

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1. Parc National de la Guadeloupe

2.91 MILES

Guadeloupe's only national park is an absolute stunner, covering much of the interior of Basse-Terre and including such sights as the Chutes du Carbet…

2. Cascade aux Ecrevisses

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This idyllic jungle waterfall drops from a Basse-Terre mountainside into a small riverside pool where you can swim. It's a wonderful and therefore popular…

3. Zoo de Guadeloupe

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One of Guadeloupe's must-sees, this excellent zoo, high in the mountains of Basse-Terre, combines animal enclosures with a jungle adventure. Follow the…

4. Mémorial ACTe

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Top billing in the French Antilles goes to this huge museum of slavery, opened by President Hollande in 2015. Housed in a spectacular silver-latticework…

5. Musée St-John Perse

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6. Marché de la Darse

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7. Cathédrale de St-Pierre et St-Paul

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Rather than the traditional arches, this attractively painted sand-colored church, nicknamed the ‘Iron Cathedral,’ is supported by iron girders intended…

8. Marina de Bas du Fort

8.26 MILES

Between Pointe-à-Pitre and Gosier, this marina has excellent facilities and a large number of restaurants, bars and cafes.