Must-see attractions in Cyclades

  • 16 July 2018: Excavations on the Greek island of Delos.

    Ancient Delos


    Delos has a special place in Greek mythology. When Leto was pregnant with twins Apollo and Artemis, she was relentlessly pursued by a vengeful Hera – the…

  • The ruins of ancient Thira, a prehistoric village at the top of the mountain Mesa Vouno, Santorini, Greece.; Shutterstock ID 2073629570; your: Barbara Di Castro; gl: 65050; netsuite: digital; full: poi

    Ancient Thira


    First settled by the Dorians in the 9th century BC, Ancient Thira consists of Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine ruins and is an atmospheric and rewarding…

  • The remains of the ancient city of Karthaia founded in the 12th century BC on the south-eastern coast of the Greek island of Kea in the Cyclades archipelago.



    From the 8th century BC until the 7th century AD, this remote twin cove was the site of the ancient city of Karthaia, one of Kea's four historic city…

  • Paros Park at sunset.

    Paros Park


    This 80-hectare park north of Naoussa features impressive rock formations, caves, hidden coves and gorgeous beaches. There's a lot going on here, with…

  • Ancient pottery in Museum of Prehistoric Thera.

    Museum of Prehistoric Thera


    Opposite the bus station, this well-presented museum houses extraordinary finds excavated from Akrotiri, which has been settled since neolithic times…

  • NAXOS ISLAND, GREECE - OCTOBER 24, 2016: Restaurant in Naxos Chora old town, Naxos island in Greece; Shutterstock ID 1946588611; your: Erin Lenczycki; gl: 65050; netsuite: Digital; full: POI


    Hora (Naxos)

    The most alluring part of Hora is the 13th-century residential neighbourhood of Kastro, which Marco Sanudo made the capital of his duchy in 1207. Behind…

  • Front entrance of Panagia Ekatontapyliani church at the island of Paros in Cyclades, Greece.

    Panagia Ekatontapyliani


    The Panagia Ekatontapyliani, which dates from AD 326, is one of the finest churches in the Cyclades. The building is three distinct churches: Agios…

  • Stalactites and stalagmites in the cave of Antiparos.

    Cave of Antiparos


    Signposted off the main coastal road some 10km south of the port, this huge and atmospheric cave remains impressive despite much looting of stalactites…

  • View of the church of Panagia at sunset on the Greek island of Folegandros.



    From Plateia Pounta, a zigzag path leads up to the large Church of the Virgin, Panagia, which sits perched on the side of a hill above the town and acts…

  • Original Naxian Lions statues in the Archaeological Museum of Delos, a museum on the historic island of Delos, near Mykonos in the South Aegean, Greece.

    Archaeological Museum


    A vast haul of artefacts has been protected from the elements and displayed in this must-see museum, including the originals of many of the frescoes,…

  • People sunbathing on the rocks in Agia Anna beach at Amorgos island of Greece.

    Agia Anna Beach


    Agia Anna Beach is tiny and rocky, but with calm waters for swimming and rocks to leap off. It's popular for its starring role in the French film The Big…

  • Vallindras Distillery


    The Vallindras Distillery on Halki’s main square has been distilling the kitron liqueur in the same way since 1896, passing from one generation to the…

  • Fish & Olive


    This gallery displays the exquisite work of Naxian potter Katharina Bolesch and her partner, artist and jewellery designer Alexander Reichardt. Each piece…

  • Art Space


    This atmospheric gallery is on the way to Kamari, in Argyros Canava, one of the oldest wineries on the island. The walls and niches of the wine caverns…

  • Moni Zoödohou Pigis


    A flight of whitewashed steps leads to the fortified monastery of Moni Zoödohou Pigis, high above the Kastro. Originally built as a women’s monastery in…

  • Andros Archaeological Museum


    The unquestioned highlight of this excellent little museum is an exquisite 2nd-century BC marble copy of the bronze Hermes of Andros by Praxiteles, the…

  • Panagia Gremiotissa


    Head up the alleyway behind Sally's Rooftop Garden and then proceed upwards by trial and error, along cracked steps and through ancient archways, and…

  • Temple of Apollo

    Hora (Naxos)

    From Naxos Town Harbour, a causeway leads to the Palatia islet and the striking, unfinished Temple of Apollo, Naxos’ most famous landmark (also known as…

  • Kalotaritisas Bay


    On the western tip of the island, this is Amorgos' loveliest beach. Yachts and fishing boats bob on the cerulean waters of the protected bay. In July and…

  • Agios Nikolaos


    This lovely cove, lapped at by clear, cerulean waters, is a favourite with sunbathers who like to bare all. It's reached via a 20-minute scramble along a…

  • Kedros Beach

    Small Cyclades

    Gorgeous sweep of white sand, an easy walk from Hora, and popular with naturists. There's a decent taverna here as well.

  • White (Aspri) Beach


    One of Santorini's prettiest beaches, this secluded southwestern cove, surrounded by cliffs, is only reachable by boat.

  • Antiparos Town


    The long pedestrianised main street of this enchanting village is lined with services and a whole lot of stylish boutiques, bars and restaurants. Follow…

  • Bazeos Tower


    The handsome Bazeos Tower stands prominently in the landscape about 2km east of Sangri. It was built in its original form as a monastery during the 17th…

  • Ancient Lion of Kea


    The enigmatic 8m-long Kea Lion, chiselled from schist sometime between the 9th and 6th century BC, lies along the ridge beyond the last of Ioulida’s…

  • Panagia Drosiani


    Located 2.5km north of Halki, just below Moni, this is among the oldest and most revered churches in Greece. Inside are several small, cavelike chapels…

  • Archaeological Museum


    Fronted by four intricately carved stone sarcophagi, this museum harbours some important pieces, including a 5th-century BC Nike on the point of alighting…

  • Terrace of the Lions, the famous symbol of Archaeological Site of Delos, Delos Island, Cyclades, Greece.

    Terrace of the Lions


    The most-photographed part of the Delos site is this terrace facing the Sacred Lake, lined with stone lions (these are replicas, the originals are in the…

  • Elia beach on the Mykonos island, Cyclades, Greece.



    This beautiful stretch of golden sand has craggy cliffs on either side and an excellent waterfront restaurant. It's backed by some large resorts and,…

  • The monastery of Moni Hozoviotissis.

    Moni Hozoviotissis


    This iconic 11th-century monastery is a dazzling white structure seemingly embedded into the cliff face high above the sea on the precipitous east coast…

  • Venetian Museum, Tower Della Rocca Barozzi, located at the entrance of the Castle of Chora, Naxos, Greece.

    Della Rocca-Barozzi Venetian Museum

    Hora (Naxos)

    This atmospheric museum is in a handsome old tower house of the 13th century, within the kastro ramparts (by the northwest gate). Wander through the rooms…

  • Church of the Seven Martyrs


    From the seaward end of town, a steep but sturdy path leads down the cliff to this tiny blue-domed church, set on its own little promontory surrounded by…

  • Sarakiniko


    Sarakiniko's meringue-like rock formations and caves attract scores of budding photographers, even in winter. The sandy beach is tiny but there's a deep…

  • Katergo Beach


    One of Folegandros' loveliest beaches, the Katergo Beach cove is great for sunbathing, though swimming to the nearby islet is not recommended due to…

  • Paleohori


    One of the island's most beautiful beaches, the long arch of Paleohori is backed by banded cliffs and has tavernas, beach bars, water sports and patches…

  • Akrotiri Lighthouse


    If you want to watch the greatest free show on earth (the sunset!) in seclusion, well, you're out of luck. Word is out, and you will be joined at the tip…

  • Windmills


    On the hill above Hora, the nine Cycladic windmills in various states of repair are a magnificent sight. From the car park at the north end of the village…

  • Mt Kynthos


    Mt Kynthos (113m), southeast of the harbour, is a steep but rewarding climb. There are monuments such as the Temple of Hera and the Sanctuaries of Zeus…

  • Agios Sostis


    This gorgeous, wide strip of golden sand receives far fewer visitors than the south coast. There's no shade and only limited parking but there's a popular…

  • Vlihada Beach


    Popular with those who like to bare all and backed by some spectacular rock formations, this southern beach is particularly beautiful at sunset. Go up…