Must-see attractions in Cyclades

  • Stoa of Philip V


    Together with the South Stoa, this 72m-long portico formed a grand processional route to the Sanctuary of Apollo. It was dedicated to the god in 210 BC by…

  • Kastro Orias


    Located on Cape Kefalos, a 90-minute picturesque ramble northwest from Loutra, these beautifully situated ruins are all that remains of a medieval city of…

  • Historical & Folklore Museum of Antiparos


    This tiny museum on the main street shows off intriguing old photographs, antique maps, manuscripts and all sorts of bits and pieces associated with life…

  • Agia Anna

    Hora (Mykonos)

    This small golden-sand beach, right on a busy thoroughfare, is not one of Mykonos' finest but it is centrally located, popular with families and good for…

  • Grotto of Heracles


    This rock shelter was used as a temple to the legendary hero Heracles. Prior to that, it's thought to be the earliest location where Apollo was worshipped…

  • Dodekatheon


    Dating from the 3rd century BC, this small temple was dedicated to the 12 principal gods of the Greek pantheon. Statuary from the temple is housed in the…

  • Markos Vamvakaris Museum


    This museum celebrates the locally born patriarch of rembetika, a popular style of urban Greek music usually played on bouzouki and guitars.

  • Byzantine Museum


    The Byzantine Museum, within the Panagia Ekatontapyliani compound, has a collection of icons and other artefacts.

  • Episkopi


    This wide swathe of coarse grey sand is a 30-minute walk north of the harbour. There's a popular beach bar at one end and a tiny church at the other.

  • Ftelia


    There's a somewhat barren feel to this long, sandy beach that's often buffeted by strong winds – good for windsurfers, less so for everyone else.

  • Milos Folk & History Museum


    Peruse traditional costumes, woven goods and household artefacts in a series of traditionally furnished rooms, right by the main church courtyard.

  • Lena’s House

    Hora (Mykonos)

    This traditional 19th-century Mykonian house (with furnishings intact) takes its name from its last occupant, Lena Skrivanou, who died in 1968.

  • South Stoa


    This 66m-long portico, originally supported by 28 Doric columns, was built in the 3rd century BC, lining the route to the Sanctuary of Apollo.

  • Afanis Naftis


    The large bronze 1950s statue of a sailor stands in the square at the tip of the promontory, celebrating Andros’ seagoing traditions.

  • Church of the Nativity


    Dating from 1592, this whitewashed church within the kastro (castle) ruins is the island's oldest. It's typically locked.

  • Sanctuary of the Syrian Gods


    Built in around 150 BC, this sanctuary was dedicated to the Syrian gods Atargatis and Hadad, who were popular in the Greek world.

  • Archaeological Museum of Sifnos


    This small museum in the heart of Kastro houses archaeological remains from the ancient town. It's sometimes inexplicably closed.

  • Stoa of the Naxiots


    The remains of a colonnaded portico, built in the 6th-century BC and forming the western edge of the Sanctuary of Appolo.

  • Agora of the Delians


    Near the entrance to the Sanctuary of Apollo, this market square has an L-shaped stoa which was once lined with shops.

  • Kalafatis


    This wide, sandy beach is good for windsurfing and other water sports. Buses head here from Hora's Old Port station.

  • Martinakia


    Although you can swim in the centre of town, you're better off walking 10 minutes north to this pretty little cove.

  • Apokrousi Beach


    Aprokrousi is a wide strip of gravelly brown sand with a couple of tavernas, a popular beach bar and ample parking.

  • Lia


    Small beach with a diving centre and waves that make it more suitable for sunbathing than swimming.

  • Sanctuary of Archegetes


    The ruins of a temple to the first king of Delos, who was believed to have been a son of Apollo.

  • Gymnasium


    Adjacent to the stadium, this building was used for both athletics training and education.

  • Propylaea


    This colonnaded building once formed the monumental entrance to the sanctuary of Apollo.

  • Wall of Triarius


    The remains of fortifications built by the Roman governor in 69 BC to protect the town.

  • Samothrakeion


    The Kabeiroi, a mysterious group of Samothracian deities, were worshipped here.

  • Lake Palaestra


    Wrestlers and, possibly, boxers would once have trained here.

  • Stadium


    Athletic events were held at this 186m-long stadium.

  • Windmill Roundabout


    This beautifully intact Cycladic windmill sits right outside the main ferry terminal and is a central point in Parikia.

  • Town Hall

    Hora (Naxos)

    Naxos' impressive town hall sits high, looking out over the port.