Lake Palaestra


Wrestlers and, possibly, boxers would once have trained here.

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Nearby Delos attractions

1. Wall of Triarius

0.05 MILES

The remains of fortifications built by the Roman governor in 69 BC to protect the town.

2. Sacred Lake

0.06 MILES

According to the legend, it was here that Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, making it one of the most sacred sites of the ancient world. This didn't…

4. House of Comedians

0.08 MILES

The re-erected Doric columns here once formed a colonnade around the atrium of a large villa, which takes its name from a painted frieze featuring actors…

5. Terrace of the Lions


The most-photographed part of the Delos site is this terrace facing the Sacred Lake, lined with stone lions (these are replicas, the originals are in the…

6. Sanctuary of Archegetes

0.14 MILES

The ruins of a temple to the first king of Delos, who was believed to have been a son of Apollo.

7. Dodekatheon

0.15 MILES

Dating from the 3rd century BC, this small temple was dedicated to the 12 principal gods of the Greek pantheon. Statuary from the temple is housed in the…

8. Archaeological Museum

0.16 MILES

A vast haul of artefacts has been protected from the elements and displayed in this must-see museum, including the originals of many of the frescoes,…