Island village of Kastellorizo, two miles from Turkish coast on Southern Agean.

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Ever pined for the old Greece, where timeless islands beckon modern-day adventurers just as they did Odysseus and Alexander? Enter the far-flung Dodecanese archipelago, curving through the southeastern Aegean parallel to the ever-visible shoreline of Turkey. The footprints of everyone from Greeks and Romans to crusading medieval knights, and Byzantine and Ottoman potentates to 20th-century Italian bureaucrats, are found here. Beyond better-known Rhodes and Kos, enigmatic islands beg to be explored.


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Seafood delights at Symi's Pantelis restaurant include the famous tiny shrimp © Karyn Noble / Lonely Planet


Rhodes and Symi: Greek islands for food lovers

Feb 14, 2019 • 7 min read


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