Courtyard at the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes.

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Archaeological Museum

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A weathered, sun-kissed stone lion, visible from the street, invites visitors into the magnificent 15th-century Knights' Hospital that holds Rhodes’ superb archaeology museum. Exhibits range through several upstairs galleries, and across beautiful gardens to an annexe that’s open shorter hours in summer (9am to 4.50pm). Highlights include the exquisite Aphrodite Bathing marble statue from the 1st century BC, a pavilion displaying wall-mounted mosaics, and a reconstructed burial site from 1630 BC that held a helmeted warrior alongside his horse.

Ancient treasures unearthed all over Rhodes, including some wonderful ceramics and a sleek carved dolphin, trace 7000 years of local history. The annexe is especially strong on the Mycenean era, at its peak in the 14th and 13th centuries BC.

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