Must-see attractions in Cyclades

  • Agrari


    There's lots of free sand to spread out on at this lovely sandy cove, and a beach bar to retreat to if you get parched. There are no buses but it's easily…

  • Poros Temple


    The smallest and oldest of the three adjacent temples to Apollo at the heart of his sanctuary, this one dates from the 6th-century BC and was named for…

  • Panormos


    A chunk of this gorgeous sandy beach is given over to a pretentious beach-bar complex, but that still leaves a large expanse of golden sand to spread out…

  • Platys Gialos


    One of Mykonos' most popular beaches, this broad stretch of white sand is lined with restaurants and has an excellent water sports centre.

  • Wreck of Olympia


    Aficionados of Luc Besson's The Big Blue stop here en route to Kalotaritisas Bay to pay homage to the wreck of the Olympia that rests in the shallow…

  • Archaeological Museum of Apiranthos


    This museum is part-way along the main street. It has a marvellous collection of small Cycladian artefacts collected by mathematics professor Michael…

  • House of Comedians


    The re-erected Doric columns here once formed a colonnade around the atrium of a large villa, which takes its name from a painted frieze featuring actors…

  • House of the Masks


    This grand villa takes its name from floor mosaics featuring actors' masks, although the centrepiece is a spectacular mosaic of Dionysos riding a leopard,…

  • Windmills

    Hora (Mykonos)

    Constructed in the 16th century by the Venetians for the milling of wheat, seven of Mykonos' iconic windmills are picturesquely situated on a small hill…

  • House of Cleopatra


    No, not that Cleopatra. This ruined villa contains headless statues of its former owners, a rich Athenian couple called Cleopatra and Dioscurides, along…

  • Museum House of Yannoulis Chalepas


    This absorbing museum lets you see the troubled sculptor’s rooms and workshop as they once were. The ticket includes admission to the neighbouring Museum…

  • Geological Museum of Apiranthos


    The Geological Museum is near the village entrance and exhibits over 2500 rare rocks from the villages of Naxos, the Cyclades, the rest of Greece and…

  • Prassa


    Kimolos' best beach, Prassa is a magnificent sweep of white sand, lapped at by teal waters. The road east of Hora is unpaved in parts but passable on…

  • Apollonas Kouros


    Signposted on the western approach to Apollonas, this is a 12m marble figure dating back to the 6th or 7th century BC, reachable via a short walk.

  • Rarity Gallery

    Hora (Mykonos)

    This excellent little gallery is well worth a peek for its temporary exhibitions that showcase contemporary paintings, sculpture and photography.

  • Perissa Beach


    Long, popular stretch of black sand to the southeast, with full facilities and some excellent tavernas. An all-night beach bar adds to the vibe.

  • Temple of the Delians


    Also known as the Great Temple of Apollo, this was the largest of the temples in the god's sanctuary. Construction commenced in 478 BC.

  • Kamari Beach


    One of the most popular black sand beaches, this east coast beauty has calm waters for bathing and numerous restaurants and cafes.

  • House of the Dolphins


    One of Delos' grandest houses, the highlight here is a well-preserved mosaic with youths riding dolphins in each corner.

  • Fokos


    This little-visited sandy beach on the north coast has a good taverna, but you'll need an ATV to tackle the rutted road.

  • House of Dionysos


    The remains of a lavish villa, with a mosaic depicting the god of wine riding a tiger (the original is in the museum).

  • Ramos


    Just past Livadakia, Ramos is a small sandy beach backed with grapevines and a smattering of flash holiday apartments.

  • Stoivadeion


    This temple of Dionysus has some well-preserved reliefs, along with a giant sheared-off phallus on top of a plinth.

  • Provatas


    On the south coast, golden-sanded Provatas feels remote but has a couple of tavernas and a large beachfront hotel.

  • Psarou


    A long stretch of white sand and teal waters, favoured by local cognoscenti. It's a short walk from Platys Gialos.

  • Fanos Beach

    Small Cyclades

    Narrow strip of white sand to the east, with a beach bar and some discreet naturism at one end.

  • Temple of Hera


    This 5th-century BC temple has a well-preserved marble altar and two columns still standing.

  • Agios Georgios Beach


    Long strip of volcanic sand to the south with sun loungers and plenty of dining options.

  • Livadi Beach

    Small Cyclades

    The largest of Schinousa's beaches, long and sandy, with calm waters to the southwest.

  • House of Hermes


    A lavish multistory home from the 2nd century BC with a partially intact courtyard.

  • Mersini


    Practically deserted sandy beach with calm waters, reachable via an unpaved road.

  • Manganari Beach


    Sandy beach furthest from Hora by road, with a taverna and sun loungers.

  • Psathi Beach


    Sandy beach to the east that's particularly popular with windsurfers.

  • Finikas Beach

    Small Cyclades

    Long, narrow sandy beach to the east with calm waters and a taverna.

  • Plaka Beach


    Long, sandy strip of sand to the west lapped at by cerulean waters.

  • Psili Ammos

    Small Cyclades

    Secluded, sandy cove a 10-minute walk from the village of Mesaria.

  • Mikri Vigla


    This western beach is particularly popular with kitesurfers.

  • Agia Anna Beach


    White-sand beach to the west with some excellent tavernas.