A long stretch of white sand and teal waters, favoured by local cognoscenti. It's a short walk from Platys Gialos.

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Nearby Mykonos attractions

1. Platys Gialos

0.35 MILES

One of Mykonos' most popular beaches, this broad stretch of white sand is lined with restaurants and has an excellent water sports centre.

2. Paraga

0.82 MILES

This beautiful crescent-shaped cove became popular in the hippy era and is still known for its beach parties. There's a good selection of tavernas, plus a…

3. Ornos


Ornos, Mykonos' third-biggest settlement, straddles an isthmus 3km south of Hora. The small south-facing beach is wall-to-wall umbrellas and beach bars…

4. Paradise

1.09 MILES

Clear waters and golden sands make this one of the island's most famous beaches. It's completely lined with noisy beach bars and rows of umbrellas, but…

5. Agios Ioannis

1.59 MILES

Also known as Agios Giannis (both names mean St John), this built-up beach settlement has a slim crescent of sand studded with umbrellas and lapped at by…

6. Super Paradise

1.67 MILES

Flashy, trashy and great for people-watching – Super Paradise is Mykonos' most popular gay-friendly beach. The action is split between the glitzy JackieO'…

7. Megali Ammos

1.72 MILES

The best beach within easy walking distance of the centre of town, Megali Ammos has a couple of upmarket resorts and an excellent taverna right on the…

8. Kapari

1.96 MILES

Scooped out of the surrounding cliffs, this very appealing sandy cove is reached via a short walk along an unpaved track from the western end of Agios…