Finikas Beach

Small Cyclades

Long, narrow sandy beach to the east with calm waters and a taverna.

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Nearby Small Cyclades attractions

1. Fanos Beach


Narrow strip of white sand to the east, with a beach bar and some discreet naturism at one end.

3. Pori Beach

0.93 MILES

The island's best beach – a long sandy crescent to the northeast and a bay popular with yachts.

4. Psili Ammos

6.04 MILES

Secluded, sandy cove a 10-minute walk from the village of Mesaria.

5. Livadi Beach

7.01 MILES

The largest of Schinousa's beaches, long and sandy, with calm waters to the southwest.

7. Livadi Beach

9.63 MILES

Wide sweep of white sand to the east with shallow, clear waters ideal for swimming. There's a taverna across the street from it.

8. Museum of Fine Arts of Apiranthos

10.69 MILES

Exhibits the creations of 75 artists from Apiranthos (painters, sculptors, printmakers and potters) and artists from all over Greece. It is in the…