This wide, sandy beach is good for windsurfing and other water sports. Buses head here from Hora's Old Port station.

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Nearby Mykonos attractions

1. Kalo Livadi

0.91 MILES

Adding to the scrappy surrounds of this sandy beach is the ruined shell of Lohan Beach House, the setting for MTV show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club…

2. Lia

0.94 MILES

Small beach with a diving centre and waves that make it more suitable for sunbathing than swimming.

3. Tourliani Monastery

1.65 MILES

Located in the centre of Ano Mera, the island's other main settlement, this castle-like monastery (founded in 1537 but rebuilt in 1767) has a gorgeous…

4. Elia

2.07 MILES

This beautiful stretch of golden sand has craggy cliffs on either side and an excellent waterfront restaurant. It's backed by some large resorts and,…

5. Agrari

2.43 MILES

There's lots of free sand to spread out on at this lovely sandy cove, and a beach bar to retreat to if you get parched. There are no buses but it's easily…

6. Ftelia

2.82 MILES

There's a somewhat barren feel to this long, sandy beach that's often buffeted by strong winds – good for windsurfers, less so for everyone else.

7. Fokos

2.87 MILES

This little-visited sandy beach on the north coast has a good taverna, but you'll need an ATV to tackle the rutted road.

8. Mersini

3.11 MILES

Practically deserted sandy beach with calm waters, reachable via an unpaved road.