One of the island's most beautiful beaches, the long arch of Paleohori is backed by banded cliffs and has tavernas, beach bars, water sports and patches of hot sand, thanks to thermal springs in the area. It's reached by a good sealed road, and buses from Adamas head here seven times a day in summer.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Milos attractions

1. Kyriaki

1.09 MILES

Kyriaki is a lovely long sandy beach on the south coast, backed by otherworldly grey-, rose- and rust-coloured cliffs. There's a taverna at one end and a…

2. Thermal Spring of Alykes

3.37 MILES

Hot water bubbles up through the sand of a beach, 3km southeast around the bay from central Adamas, heating the water close to shore. Sadly, it's…

3. Provatas

3.85 MILES

On the south coast, golden-sanded Provatas feels remote but has a couple of tavernas and a large beachfront hotel.

4. Milos Mining Museum

4.96 MILES

This mildly interesting museum details Milos’ mining history, starting with the quarrying of obsidian on the island in 7000 BC. It’s located on the…

5. Ecclesiastical Museum of Milos

5.26 MILES

Housed in the venerable Holy Trinity Church, which has its roots in the 9th century, this collection has rare artefacts and icons, including works by…

6. Phylakopi

5.51 MILES

This ancient Minoan town in the island’s northeast (on the main road en route to Pollonia but poorly signed) was one of the earliest settlements in the…

7. Sarakiniko


Sarakiniko's meringue-like rock formations and caves attract scores of budding photographers, even in winter. The sandy beach is tiny but there's a deep…

8. Mandrakia

6.46 MILES

Village cats form the welcoming committee at this tiny fishing harbour, with brightly coloured boat sheds, cute wee cottages and a sweet little…