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Frankfurt & Southern Rhineland

In this enchanting corner of Germany, the finer things in life take pride of place: good food, great wine, glorious walking and cycling, and exceptional art everywhere, from magnificent museums to quirky street sculptures.

Vineyards ribbon the steep-sided Romantic Rhine and Moselle valleys, as well as the wisteria-draped German Wine Route, the country's warmest region. All three areas are strewn with hilltop castles, dark forests and scores of snug wineries for sampling exquisite crisp whites.

History abounds here, from the preserved Roman amphitheatre and thermae in Germany's oldest city, Trier; to crooked half-timbered medieval villages; spectacular palaces; centres of learning like the ancient university city of Heidelberg, Goethe's birthplace – the finance and trade-fair hub of Frankfurt; and momentous industrial and engineering legacies – including the invention of the printing press in Mainz, and the bicycle and automobile in Mannheim: that continue to influence the world today.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Frankfurt & Southern Rhineland.