Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is the third-largest island in the Canaries’ archipelago, but accounts for almost half the population. It lives up to its reputation as a continent in miniature, with dramatic variations of terrain ranging from the green and leafy north to the lush mountainous interior and the desert south. You can also run headlong into three or even four seasons in one day, with microclimates dotted around the coast and hills that can transport you from piercing sunlight into clammy fog banks at the drop of a hat. To capture a sense of Gran Canaria's breathtaking diversity, head to beautiful Artenara, where the sheer drama of the mountains reaches a crescendo.

Gran Canaria keeps the adrenaline pumping further with hiking, cycling and water sports, while culture vultures won't miss out, particularly in the historic cosmopolitan capital of Las Palmas.

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