Hawksbill Bay


Named for a landmark rock formation, this bay has a string of four blissful beaches that are rarely crowded. The turnoff for the first one is before you get to Hawksbill by Rex Resort, but the other three must be accessed through the property. The furthest one (Eden Beach) is Antigua’s only official clothing-optional beach.

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1. Galley Bay

0.89 MILES

Just past Five Islands Village, this sugary beach is backed by palm trees and gets both surfing waves and serene waters perfect for swimming, all wrapped…

2. Deep Bay

1.53 MILES

Lorded over by the ruins of Fort Barrington, this curvy little – and often deserted – bay is backed by a large salt pond and has a beach with gray-yellow…

3. Fort Barrington

1.66 MILES

Fort Barrington was built by the British in 1779 atop Goat Hill to protect the entrance to St John's Harbour from French attack. Those who tackle the…

4. Hermitage Bay

1.77 MILES

This dreamy secluded arc punctuates the end of a 2½-mile-long road (the last two are graded dirt road). Wave-tossed shells litter the white sand that…

5. Fort James

2.86 MILES

Fort James, a small stronghold at the north side of St John’s Harbour, dates back to 1706, but most of what you see today was built in 1739. Still…

6. Valley Church Beach


This pretty palm-lined beach has calm, shallow aquamarine waters and powdery white sand. It's a popular excursion for cruise-ship guests, for whom water…

7. 39ers Public Square

3.72 MILES

Created in 2016, this car-free square is dominated by a boat-shaped red-granite monument that honors Sir Vere Cornwall Bird and the other men and women…

8. Public Market

3.79 MILES

Forage for exotic local produce such as sorrel, black pineapple and sugar apple alongside more familiar bananas, limes, mangoes and eggplants at St John's…