The pristine and hard to reach beach in the Rendezvous Bay in Antigua.

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Rendezvous Bay

Top choice in Antigua

After a 90-minute walk through the rainforest (or by a far shorter stony path from Springhill Riding Stables in Falmouth) you'll arrive at one of Antigua's loveliest beaches. Because of its remoteness, you'll usually be alone here, or sharing with a couple of other adventurous romantics. The rainforest path starts near the Wallings Reservoir off Fig Tree Dr but is not signposted, so ask for directions locally. From Falmouth, follow the road past the stables uphill and just keep going.

Follow the signs to the stables and either park here or continue to the end of the road and park just outside a gated compound, then follow the dirt road on your left down to the beach.

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