Rendezvous Bay

Top choice in Montserrat

Montserrat’s only white sandy beach is a lovely (though totally facility-free) crescent perfect for swimming, snorkeling and diving. It can only be accessed via a steep 0.7-mile trail from Little Bay. Alternatively, get there by kayak, a far more pleasant adventure. Rentals are available in Little Bay.

If you're hiking, budget about 20 minutes, including a stop at the top of the trail to enjoy great views.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Montserrat attractions

1. National Museum of Montserrat

0.58 MILES

This modest little museum presents exhibits on aspects of island culture and history from Amerindian times to the present, including photos and dioramas…

2. Hilltop Coffee House & Family Center

2.23 MILES

A must-see on any Montserrat visit, this nonprofit cafe founded by filmmaker David Lea and his wife Clover does multi-duty as museum, art gallery,…

3. Woodlands Beach

3.33 MILES

About halfway down the western coast, this easily accessible dark-sand beach is often footprint-free but has little shade. A covered clifftop picnic area…

4. Runaway Ghaut

3.57 MILES

Ghauts (pronounced 'guts') are steep ravines that send rainwater rushing down from the mountains into the sea. The most famous on the island is Runaway…

5. Montserrat Volcano Observatory

4.13 MILES

Scientists at the MVO keep track of the volcano’s every belch and hiccup. At the interpretation center, an 18-minute documentary by local filmmaker David…

6. Jack Boy Hill

4.44 MILES

After about a 3-mile drive south along the east coast (from where the main road reaches the coast), the badly battered road turns into the hills and leads…

7. Belham Valley

4.85 MILES

Now buried under mud and volcanic debris, Belham Valley used to be home to an 18-hole golf course, a bridge and a three-story building. After heavy rain,…

8. Isles Bay

5.16 MILES

This small beach at the mouth of the Belham River is great for swimming and is home to a popular beach barn and restaurant. It gets busy with locals on…