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The Binnenhof is surrounded by parliamentary buildings that have long been at the heart of Dutch politics, though parliament now meets in a modern building on the south side.

The central courtyard looks sterile today but was once used for executions. A highlight of the complex is the 13th-century Ridderzaal . The Gothic dining hall has been carefully restored.

The North Wing is still home to the Upper Chamber of the Dutch Parliament, in 17th-century splendour. The Lower Chamber used to meet in the ballroom, in the 19th-century wing. It all looks a bit twee and you can see why the politicians were anxious to decamp to the sleek new extension nearby.

To see the Binnenhof buildings you will need to join a tour. ProDemos is the visitor organisation for the government centre that is also charged with promoting democracy. It leads the Ridderzaal tour as well as various government tours that take in the two chambers of parliament.

After your walk, stroll around the Hofvijver , where the reflections of the Binnenhof and the Mauritshuis have inspired countless snapshots.