Talat Warorot

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Chiang Mai , Thailand
cnr Th Chang Moi & Th Praisani
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Chiang Mai's oldest and most famous market, Talat Warorot, excels in every category: day market, souvenir shopping, people-watching and snacking. It is locally known as 'gàht lŏo·ang' , which is northern Thai for 'great market'. There are two multistorey buildings, a beehive of outdoor vendors and several disorienting lanes filled with additional commerce. It is a smaller and less hectic version of Bangkok's Chatuchak Market.

You'll know you've arrived at the market when traffic comes to a stand-still and carts laden with merchandise weave in between the cars. The market is orbited by fruit and vegetable vendors, selling highland produce considered exotic in central Thailand. Just beyond these vendors are two multistorey buildings specialising in northern Thai products from foodstuffs, such as kâap mŏo (pork rinds), to handicrafts and ordinary necessities. The adjacent streets do a bustling trade in bolts of fabrics, market fashion, handicrafts and knickknacks. Parked near the fruit vendors are an endangered mode of travel: the three-wheeled bicycle rickshaw, known as săhm·lór (also spelt sǎamláw ), which shuttles home shoppers burdened with produce. Across the road from the săhm·lór is the river, the historic thoroughfare for delivering farm goods to the commercial centres.