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Protected jungle hosts singing gibbons, pygmy loris, wild elephants and incredible numbers of birds. Active travellers take to the mountains, forests, waterfalls and rivers in biking, hiking, rafting and abseiling adventures, and the former French hill station of Dalat beguiles with its cool climate, the palaces of the last emperor of Vietnam and bars for after-dark thrills.

As varied as the land, the people of the highlands are a great mix of cultures. If you're lucky, you may sleep in a Bahnar rong (tall, thatched-roof building on stilts) or watch the Jarai 'feed' the graves of their dead.

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$105 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Fansipan Trekking of Sapa Tour

Day 1: Sapa – Tram Ton – 2200 meters - 2800 meters You will be picked up between 5.30 - 6.00 AM from the train or bus station and taken to Sa Pa for your breakfast and a hot shower. You will have some time to relax and discover Sa Pa Town by yourself before you begin your trek. At 9.00 AM, the driver will take you to the Tram Ton pass, the starting point for the ascent of Mount Fansipan. Get to know your baggage porter from the Black Mong people, who will carry the food and your sleeping bag up the mountain. Conquer the highest mountain in Vietnam with an altitude of 3143 meters. You will pass through forests of pine and bamboo and along different streams in a cool climate. Besides the hiking, this is also a good opportunity for you to learn from your tour guide about the indigenous people of Sa Pa, such as the Black Mong, Red Dzao and Dzay. They are all minority groups living in the area. Around noon, you will reach 2200 meters, where you can enjoy a picnic lunch prepared by the tour guide and porter. After a rest, you will continue the trek to your sleeping point at 2800 meters, which you will reach around 4.00 PM. There will be time to rest or explore the surroundings of your tent, while your tour guide and porter prepare dinner for you. Enjoy dinner at 6.30 PM and take advantage of an early night's rest. Day 2: 2800 – Summit – 2800 meters – Tram Ton – Sa Pa. Enjoy an early breakfast at 5.00 AM with a cup of hot tea or coffee, before continuing the trek through the bamboo forest and approaching the top of the mountain, where the vegetation becomes less and less. At 7.30 AM, you will have arrived at the summit. Congratulations, you are at the top of the mountain and can marvel at the sunrise and experience the great feeling of standing on the highest peak in Vietnam. You will be rewarded with great views over the valleys of Sa Pa and Lai Chai Province. You can even see the mountains in Yunan Province in China. Begin your descend from the top around 8.00 AM and enjoy a picnic lunch on the way down to the Tram Ton. Between 3.30 - 4.30 PM you will arrive in Tram Ton, where a car will be waiting to take you back to Sa Pa. The opportunity to take a shower at the office is provided, before taking the bus or train back to Hanoi.  

$87 Outdoor Activities

1- Day Trekking on Fansipan mountain of Sapa Tour

SaPa – Tram Ton – Fansipan –Sapa (L) 10h -11h In the early morning at 5:30 your tour guide will come to the hotel to pick you up and move by small bus to the departure point: Tram Ton is about 2000 meters above sea level. You will begin the conquest of the Indochina roof at an altitude of 3143 meters at 6:30am. You  go through the forests with rich vegetation such as bamboo forest, pine forest .. or the ancient trees have been saved in the red book of Vietnam. Walking through the cool streams on the way up to the summit will bring you an exciting feeling along with native guides. This is a great opportunity for you to learn more about the rich customs of the indigenous peoples here include ethnic Black Mong, Dzay, Tay, Red Dao, Xa Pho .. Picnic lunch will be prepared by your guide on the road, short time to rest after lunch and then you continue the journey to conquer the highest mountain in Vietnam. Going along the cliffs and small bamboo forest will take you up to the top of the mountain around 12:00 at noon. Congratulations, you are standing above the highest mountain in Vietnam, have the opportunity to see another mountain of China and panoramic view of Sapa town from here. After taking the photos together to save the beautiful memories here you go down to  Tram Ton. The weather in Hoang Lien Son National Parks  range changes quite fast, you will have the feeling of going on a different road than the road you have climbed over the morning. Arrive Tram Ton  about 5:00 pm, where the bus is waiting for you to return to Sapa Shower in our office

$37.50 Shows, Concerts & Sports

Ionah Show in Hanoi

About the show: “Ionah” is the story of a beautiful young girl whose love for Hanoi is as pure and as strong as it is for her young boyfriend. Her happiness and love are put to the test when an accident causes an unfortunate delay and a serious misunderstanding. The story is set in motion as Ionah waits for her sweetheart and becomes increasingly angry that he is late. Unable to curb her fury, the girl vents her anger with a slap on her sweetheart's cheek. This act of inflicting pain on another causes Ionah to immediately be punished, as she is hurled into a fantasy world where she undergoes a bizarre journey of soul-searching. Ionah's deep resentment, jealousy and anger push her into the darkest corners of her soul. Lost in her illusion and blinded by anger, Ionah is tormented by shadows and gloom: she meets a series of supernatural characters such as giant spiders, the king of bats, dancing skeletons, and the ferryman of the forgetful, each symbolizing her worst feelings. Yet hope remains; along her journey beautiful creatures and friends remind her of love, beauty, and happiness. Ionah faces the demons in her mind, bravely escaping the darkness and returning to the reality of life, happiness, and love. Ionah returns to the arms of her boyfriend and is surrounded by friends in their lovely Hanoi.Delightful imagination is on display through a diverse language of genres including modern dance, theatrical arts, break dancing, and visual arts. The play was inspired by the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri and many scenes are strongly influenced by Western mythology. Ionah uses state-of-the-art visual and audio technology to conjure the surreal world of Lady Ionah's journey along with top-notch visual design and music composition.13 SEQUENCES:Part I: Somewhere in HanoiScene 1: The street danceScene 2: Hatred is as blind as lovePart II: The inferno of angerScene 3: The dancing bonesScene 4: Lighting matchScene 5: Kingdom of the spidersScene 6: The darkness danceScene 7: The river of forgetfulnessScene 8: The hall of mirrorsScene 9: The destruction and regenerationPart III: The return of loveScene 10: Rising from the ashesScene 11: The forest carnivalScene 12: Love is foundScene 13: The happiness danceAfter over one year in production, Ionah officially premiered in September 2015. It's a work of art that features a variety of established names in Vietnam's theatrical industry: scriptwriter and general director Pham Hoang Nam; music director Quoc Trung; circus director Tong Toan Thang; choreographer Tran Ly Ly; costume designer Cong Tri; and visual director Fernando Toma. The play is one of Hanoi's most unique cultural activities and is expected to be embraced by local audiences and visitors alike.

$198 Cultural & Theme Tours

2-Day Biking and Trekking in Sapa from Hanoi

Night 1: Hanoi - Night train to SapaPick you up at your hotel at 20:30 PM and transfer to Hanoi Railway Station for the night train to Lao Cai Station. Overnight on the train.Day 1: Biking Ma Tra - Ta Phin - Takko - Trung Chai (B, L, D)05.00 - 05.30AM: Arrive in Lao Cai early in the morning. Pick up and transfer to Sapa, refresh and breakfast at the hotel.After breakfast, gear up for your exciting ride. Your ride will be mostly downhill through the suburb of Sapa. You pass by Sapa town to ride along the smoothy road for 3 km, then get off the main road to head to Ma Tra village where is the home of the H'Mong people with scenic lanscape of the mountain, rice terrace, corn field and pine hill before heading downhill to Ta Phin. In Ta Phin, you will witness the daily life of the Red Dao and Black Hmong minorities. You will also have time to take a short walk around the village. Having lunch in the local family.In the afternoon, Keep riding up hill then down hill through the forest to Takko pass. From here you will get transferred to Sapa to relax in the hotel, have dinner, enjoy your free night in romantic Sapa town. After that get back to Sapa town to relax in the hotel, have dinner, enjoy your free night in romantic Sapa town.Day 2: Sapa - Y Linh Ho - Lao Chai - Ta Van (B, L, D)6km of walking down to the south east of Sapa along the side of Muong Hoa valley to Y Linh Ho village of the Black H’mong. Continue on 2km of trekking down to Lao Chai village of the H’mong. Lunch at a local family, and then walk through terraced rice fields to Ta Van village of the Dzay minority people where we stay for the night. It gives you a worth chance for you to learn about the local house architecture which is full of their daily life styles and exclusive custom. Enjoy the landscapes…on the way. Get back to Sapa by car then bus transfer to Lao Cai for night train back to Hanoi. End of tour.

$27 Day Trips & Excursions

Sapa Village Trekking 1 Day Trip

Program details:In the morning, around 9:00 am, you will be picked up by the tour guide at your hotel to begin the trekking. Enjoy the many opportunities to take photos with the panoramic view of the valley on the way to the villages. You will visit Lao Chai of H'Mong people first. Arriving at the village at noon, you will have lunch at a local restaurant with Vietnamese local dishes.Continue the trekking in Ta Van village after lunch and return to Sapa Town at the end of the tour.Note: This tour includes lunch. Also included in the tour is entrance fees, English-speaking guide, and transportation back to Sapa Town from the village at the end of the tour. A certain fitness level is required for this tour because the trekking is long. Please prepare comfortable shoes for walking, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.  

$125 Multi-day & Extended Tours


I. DAY 1:7:30 - 08:00 am: Tour guide will pick up you at your hotels around Dong Hoi city.   9:00 am - 11:30 am visit Paradise cave 11:30 - 12:00 go to the Dark cave center for lunch 12:00-1:00 you will have lunch at local restaurant 1:00 - 4:00 visit and do activities at Dark cave 4:00 - 5:00 Check in Hotel in Phong Nha town. You will stay at homestay/local hotel at Phong Nha town inside national park area. II. DAY 2:In the morning: After you have breakfast at your homestay/local hotel, you will have time to discover the local town by your self and check out before 11:00 am. 11:00 -11:30 am: Tour guide will come to your homestay/hotel to pick up you to the local restaurant for lunch.  11:30 - 12:30: Lunch at local restaurant. 1:00 - 3:30 pm: Visit and enjoy Phong Nha cave. 3:30 - 4:30 pm: Back to Dong Hoi. Tour inclusion: + Free pick up service at the train station, bus, airport + Transfer and back up by van (free pick up service before tour start at train, bus station and airport) + Vietnamese or English speaking guide + Drinking water + Homestay/local hotel one night inside the national park + Lunches (Vietnamese style dishes) + Entrance tickets plus dragon boat and golf car + Travel insurance