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Ninh Van Bay is all about get-away-from-it-all beach bliss, and there's a sprinkling of exquisite sandy coves you can reach by kayak, SUP or boat. There's no road access to the region.

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Visit a Mat-Making Village. How different our bed mats are from what you sleep on back home! View the material and weaving process. This mat is popular with most people in tropical weather. Two people working together will weave just four mats in a day, which will be taken to the local market and traded for food and other essentials.Tourists can try their hand at a little weaving themselves. A small mat is your present as well. Next stop is Wooden Bridge. You will go across the river on a wooden bridge made by the local people.We will continue our Nha Trang Countryside Tour to visit a Rice Paper Making factory. One of the most popular foods in VN is made from rice steamed and processed into round pieces, dried in the sun on bamboo brackets, then offered for sale in the inns and shops locally, and commonly used to wrap the famous Vietnamese rice-paper rolls and Vietnamese spring rolls.We'll carry on our tour up to the Ba Ho waterfall. Ba Ho means “three lakes”. You can try to reach the highest lake in there. The pool can jump from 6 meter to 12 meter high. The brave can jump down into the deep pool below swim and chilled out at the cool waters of the secretwaterfalls…be in union with nature.Have lunch in Ninh Van Bay with local family and Vietnamese foods then enjoy swimming on beautiful clean, quiet beach over there.On the way back to Nha Trang we stop in DA LO TEMPLE or they called is" Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda" with Vietnam’s largest Buddha statue located by the national road has become a popular place for all buddhists and visitors. Coming to Tong Lam Lo Son Pagoda. You will find the real peace of nature and the peace of mind.We drop you back your hotel, our trip the end.

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