The Gambia

Dalasi (D)

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Top things to do

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in The Gambia

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko is rare among African wildlife reserves: it's tiny, it's easy to reach and you don't need a car to go in. With amazing diversity of vegetation and animals, this well-managed reserve is one of the region's...

Top ChoicePublic Art in Makasutu Culture Forest

Wide Open Walls

Two huge ibex grazing amid swirling waves, a blue tattooed lion, and a lovestruck blacksmith are just a few of the striking images awaiting visitors who stumble upon the village of Kubuneh, located a few...

Top ChoiceNature Reserve in River Gambia National Park

Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project

This project forms the beating heart of River Gambia National Park. Comprised of so-called Baboon Island and several smaller islands, this is one of the most important wildlife sites in The Gambia. Despite the...

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Bijilo Forest Park

This small 51-hectare reserve makes for a lovely escape. A series of well-maintained walking trails (ranging from 900m to 1400m) takes you through lush vegetation, gallery forest, low bush and grass, towards the...

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Kachikally Crocodile Pool

One of The Gambia's most popular tourist attractions is a sacred site for locals. As crocodiles represent the power of fertility in Gambia, women who experience difficulties in conceiving often come here to pray...

Top ChoiceInternational in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Sea Shells

Despite the unfortunate location on the highway, Sea Shells is well worth a visit for its creative and beautifully prepared dishes. Pop by at lunchtime for fresh vegetable tarts, curried chicken salad, salmon...

Top ChoiceInternational in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts


Much-loved Calypso serves delicious grilled fish, snacks (such as prawn spring rolls), panini and an African dish of the day, plus a full English breakfast. For peaceful views over the waterfront, head to the...

Top ChoiceMoroccan in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Butcher's Shop

Driss, the Moroccan celebrity chef (and TV star), fires up some of the best cooking in The Gambia at this elegant eatery with terrace seating on busy Kairaba Ave. You'll find perfectly grilled fish and juicy...

Top ChoiceSchool in Banjul

St Joseph's Adult Education & Skills Centre

Tucked away inside an ancient Portuguese building, this centre has provided training to disadvantaged women for the last 20 years. Visitors can take a free tour of sewing, crafts and tie-dye classes, and purchase...

Wildlife Reserve in The Gambia

Makasutu Culture Forest

Like a snapshot of The Gambia, Makasutu Culture Forest bundles the country's array of landscapes into a dazzling 1000-hectare package. The setting is stunning, comprising palm groves, wetlands, mangroves and...

Archaeological Site in The Gambia

Wassu Stone Circles

Archaeologists believe the Wassu stone circles are burial sites constructed about 1200 years ago. Each stone weighs several tonnes and is between 1m (3.3ft) and 2.5m (7.5ft) in height. There's a small but...

Market in Tanji

Tanji Fish Market

Colourful pirogues roll in the waves, women ferry fish elegantly to shore atop their heads, and crowds swarm the beachfront at this charismatic fish market. On show and on sale is everything from smelly sea...

International in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts


Mama's is a long-running institution in Fajara, with a huge menu of satisfying comfort food: brochettes, grilled fish, schnitzel, spaghetti, salads and local specialities like chicken yassa. You can dine alfresco...

International in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Gida's Garden

This hidden oasis tucked one block south of the Atlantic Blvd is best known for its delectably prepared grilled meats (grilled T-bone, barbecue ribs), though you'll also find a changing array of seafood and...

Mexican in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

El Sol

One of the best eateries in the Senegambia area, El Sol spreads a Latin feast, with enchiladas, quesadillas and fajitas, plus a first-rate grilled red snapper, all of which goes down nicely with a few rounds of...

Indian in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Clay Oven

In a converted house surrounded by gardens, the Clay Oven serves up excellent Indian food, with classics like palak paneer, chicken tikka massala and sizzling tandoori grills. On Tuesday, you can try a variety of...

Italian in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Luigi's Pizza & Pasta House

A song of praise to Italy and its culinary achievements. The pasta is al dente, the pizzas (widely hailed as Gambia's best) are deep-dish and everything is cooked with the freshest ingredients. Book an upstairs...

International in Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Ngala Lodge

One of Gambia's most renowned restaurants, this has always been the top address for sumptuous and lovingly presented meals; the service and sea-view setting are impeccable.

Market in Banjul

Albert Market

Albert Market

Since its founding in the mid-19th century, the Albert Market, an area of frenzied buying, bartering and bargaining, has been Banjul's main hub of activity. This cacophony of Banjul life is intoxicating, with its...

Ruins in Albreda, Juffureh & Kunta Kinteh Island

Fort James

Fort James was an important British colonial trading post from 1661 and the departure point of vessels packed with ivory and gold, as well as slave ships. Over subsequent decades, it was the site of numerous...