Botanic Gardens

Serekunda & Atlantic Coast Resorts

Bakau's botanic gardens were established in 1924 and offer shade, peace and good bird-spotting chances. It's a small space – just 1.5 hectares.

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1. Kachikally Crocodile Pool

0.53 MILES

One of The Gambia's most popular tourist attractions is a sacred site for locals. As crocodiles represent the power of fertility in Gambia, women who…

2. Mosque

1.95 MILES

A useful landmark on Karaiba Ave, this is the main mosque in the city.

3. Sakura Arts Studio

2.44 MILES

Art lovers should visit Njogu Touray's Sakura Arts Studio for a private viewing of the acclaimed painter's colourful works.

4. Bijilo Forest Park

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This small 51-hectare reserve makes for a lovely escape. A series of well-maintained walking trails (ranging from 900m to 1400m) takes you through lush…

5. Arch 22

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This massive 36m-high gateway, built to celebrate the military coup of 22 July 1994, grants excellent views. There's also a cafe and a small museum that…

6. Abuko Nature Reserve

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Abuko is rare among African wildlife reserves: it's tiny, it's easy to reach and you don't need a car to go in. With amazing diversity of vegetation and…

7. National Museum

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Well-presented, if slightly dusty, displays of historical and cultural artefacts, including musical instruments, agricultural tools and ethnographic items…

8. July 22 Square

6.94 MILES

The quadrangular July 22 Square contains a World War I memorial and a fountain dating from the 1930s.