Fathala Wildlife Reserve & Lodge


For those not heading to wildlife parks in other parts of Africa, this 60-sq-km reserve might be worth adding to your itinerary. This reserve was created in 2006 as a habitat for the western giant eland, and today includes troops of this critically endangered antelope, as well as giraffes, rhinos, warthogs, buffaloes and several monkey species. While it's pricey to visit, it can nevertheless be thrilling to see these animals in the (semi-)wild.

For the full experience, you can spend the night here in luxury safari-style tents (from €185/240 for single/double occupancy). Overnight guests have access to additional tours – like sunset boat trips through mangroves, birding safaris and discounted park admission.

It's located 17km south of Toubakouta, on the main highway leading to The Gambia.

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