Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project

Top choice in The Gambia

This project forms the beating heart of River Gambia National Park. Comprised of so-called Baboon Island and several smaller islands, this is one of the most important wildlife sites in The Gambia. Despite the main island's moniker, this place is really the kingdom of chimps – over 100 of the primates live across it and three other islands in four separate communities.

No one is allowed to set foot on Baboon Island (including staff), but visitors can see many of the simians during a boat tour around the islands. There's also other wildlife in the area, including hippos, manatees, crocodiles and abundant birdlife, not to mention other primates, such as red colobus monkeys, green vervet monkeys and – yes – even baboons. Knowledgeable guides can share the story of how this reserve came to be, and give insight into the lives and character of the island apes.