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With reasonable road infrastructure, travel is a lot easier here than in many parts of Africa. Still, you'll miss none of those indicators that you're in the middle of this fascinating continent: everyone seems to be carrying something on their heads, makossa music sets the rhythm, the street smells like roasting plantains and African bliss is just a piece of grilled fish and a sweating beer away.

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$1250 Day Trips & Excursions

multi days tours in Douala, Melong, Buea and Limbe

The tour will start at 8:30 am in Douala, the economic capital of Cameroon. We take three hours to visit arts and craft markets, the metropolitan cathedral and relics of German administration made up of buildings and statues of some of the people who took part in world war one that led to the defeat and ousting of Germans in Cameroon. Then we take two hours break for lunchAfter lunch we visit the Douala kings palace where we will get to know the history of the sawa people and also the significance of the ngondo festival and there after we proceed to the Douala maritime museum where we will get to know how maritime activities evolved in Cameroon and at the end we watch a short 3D movie that last between 6-11 minutes. We end day one here.Day two begins at 9:am. we go to the Ngondo festival ground along the banks of the wouri river where we will spend the morning and afternoon witnessing the different activities made of up traditional rituals intended to hear the message for the coming year from the gods of the river wouri, other activities includes canoe race and traditional dances. Lunch will comprise of snacks purchased in the city or at the festival ground.Day three begins at 8:30 am from Douala driving towards the west region to reach the ekom nkam waterfalls which is a huge fall of 80m high which served as shooting site of the Tarzan greystroke film in 1984. We visit the upper and lower end, take photos and return to Buea where we will spend the night. Day 4 begins at 8:30 in Buea with a visit to the reunification monument that was constructed in honor of 50 years unification between southern Cameroon and la republic du Cameroon. From here we proceed to visit the limbe wildlife center harboring primates most of which are rescued from poachers which will last for about 1 hour. From here we proceed to the black sand beach, lunch and relaxation and by 4 pm we depart for Douala where the tour will end.

$625 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3 days Nyungwe Camping safari

Day 1 Nyungwe National Parl Begin your safari with a tansfer to Nyngwe National park, your drive takes about 6 ½  hrs drive via Butare visiting. Get to visit, the famous National Museum at Butare and the ancient King´s Palace at Nyanza. The museum was donated in 1989 by the Belgium government with some ethnic collection, the design and concept all realized in co-operation with the Royal Museum for Central Africa of Tervuren; Belgium. Ethnographic objects are grouped together according to the theme giving premium information on the daily life. Traditional ceramics and basketry are still manufactured and belong to the finest handicrafts of the region. The National Museum remained surprisingly untouched during the civil war in 1994.threafter, Lunch and later continue to our destination arriving late for camp set up.Day 2 Chimpanzee Tracking and water fall visit Take an early morning breakfast then with your packed lunch we enter the aprk for our days activity of chimps tracking. Two species of chimpanzee occur in Africa. There is the Bonobo and the Common Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes (often shortened to Chimpanzee, and sometimes referred to as the Robust Chimpanzee). The largest remaining populations occur in central Africa (Gabon, DR Congo and Cameroon). About only 400 individuals, the population in Rwanda is an endangered one. However; it should be mentioned that it is not guaranteed to see the chimps as they are unpredictable and can move long distances in one day. After our short trek we return for relaxation before our afternoon nature walk visiting Kamiranzovu waterfall. we return i the late afternoon to our camp for dinner and overnight.Day 3 canopy and depart for Kigali Today we go for the canopy walk which sets 50 me­ters above the ground with a 150-meter walkway and is the first of its kind in East Africa and third on the continent after South Africa and Ghana. It allows visitors to see the forest from above the trees and be at eye level with birds and monkeys that inhabit the upper storeys of the forest. Return for lunch, later close camp and depart for Kigali.

$89.06 Tours & Sightseeing

Small-Group Yaounde Half-Day City Tour

After pick up from your hotel, the tour will start with a drive over to the Independence Monument, honoring Cameroons independence, proclaimed in 1960. Stop and walk through City Hall garden, enjoying the atmosphere as you learn about the administration of the region and the country of Cameroon as a whole.Next enjoy a stroll through the local marketplace, where local artists sell and talk about their art, these handcrafted pieces are rich and varied in style.The tour then rides towards Kennedy Avenue, where the commercial district is located as well as the famed bronze bust of John F. Kennedy. This statue was commissioned to honor JFK as founder of the Peace Corps in Yaounde.Then continue on to the Reunification Monument, Our Lady of Victories Cathedral, the French Embassy, national assembly, ministry of defense, and important sites such as the King Charles Atangana monument. Through all this, feel free to ask questions about the country’s complicated history, and your local guide will put it all in perspective for what it means today for locals. Take a drive up Febe Mountain to take a break and enjoy a spectacular view of the city before going to Mount Febe Monastery and the grotto of Santa Maria. This area is rich in history and tradition for the city and the grotto was a place of worship designated by the Mayor of Yaounde in 1978.Finally, the tour will finish off with a ride through the Bastos and Nlongkak quarters. Bastos is the diplomatic neighborhood of Yaounde while the neighboring district of Nlongkak is a busy area and marks the crossroads of Yaounde’s north, south, east, and west. At some point along the tour, stop for refreshments at a local bar or cafe to drink alongside locals and enjoy a relaxing chat with your guide. It is the perfect time to get the answers to any questions that you might have missed earlier during the tour.At the end of the tour you will be returned to your hotel around 2pm.

$189.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

Nkolandom Touristic Center

Nikolandom center contains adventures in caves, museums, fishing points, canoeing, and horse riding. If you just want to relax, there is a 3-star hotel that does include a swimming pool too!HIGHLIGHTSOnce you have been picked up at the hotel in Yaounde, we will begin our drive by private car. We will cross the capital city of Cameroon, Yaounde, offering detailed information of different attractions. We will then visit the Ekali village where there is handmade furniture made by local people. We can then spend some time chatting to some of the artisans about their work and their life. Next, you'll continue to the city of Mbalmayo, headquarters of the Nyong & So´o Division. We will visit Mbalmayo and continue driving to Ebolowa, the capital of the south region. You can visit the city and drive 15 minutes from there to the Nkonlandom touristic center. All the way to the center is a tarred road. Once you get to the ¨Mountain of Elegance¨ as locals call it, a smart and knowledgeable tour guide will warmly welcome you. He will tell you about the marvels of this Touristic center.

$119.99 Cultural & Theme Tours

Ekali and Ebogo Forest Ecotour

But before that, you are going to board the Nyong River in a canoe. Here we can enjoy all the biodiversity potential that Cameroon has to offer - hundreds of animal species!Highlights of Today:Today you will be picked up at your hotel in the morning, typically just after breakfast.  We will cross the capital city of Cameroon with a driver and private car. Our drive includes detailed information of different attractions throughout Yaounde.Next, we will visit the Ekali Village. This village is very special and is known for its handmade furniture made by local people. We will get to chat to some of the artisans about their work and life. This is a really interesting and great opportunity!After our village visit, we will continue to the city of Mbalmayo, the capital of the Nyong and So´o Division. We will visit Mbalmayo and continue driving to village Ebogo.Here, we will board a canoe and take an excursion on the Nyong River to visit the forest, our ride is about 30 minutes.We will begin our short trek into the forest and get an amazing chance to see the oldest and biggest trees in the world, according to locals (over 1,000 years old).The site has several biodiversity hotspots and includes many wild animals, endemic bird species, tons of fish species, hundreds of butterflies, and many other tree species.We will then return to the village and enjoy lunch in a restaurant with local food.Bringing the tour to an end, we will then drive back to Yaoundé.

$89.99 Food, Wine & Nightlife

The Mfoundi Market

Follow us in Mfoundi Market, through ridiculous and hilarious traffic of all types from one point to another. You are able to find almost anything you would need here, from Moana umbrellas to football jerseys, cured snake meats to scrumptious looking pineapples, piles of bizarre trinkets, smoked fish, knock-off purses or sneakers that counterfeit famous brands, sometimes not all too well, and much much more!HighlightsToday our tour includes the Yaoundé train stations and detailed information of railway in Cameroon.We will also see the Mfoundi River and learn about rivers in the Mfoundi division.Our exciting walk through the Mfoundi market will give you a solid insight into the goods and services offered at most markets across Africa. The market is bustling and has a wonderful energy to it. The real economy of most of Africa is here in action on display!