Must-see attractions in Penghu Islands

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    Jibei Sand Tail

    Those desert island paradise photos you probably saw on Penghu's promotion brochures and websites were most likely taken at Jibei Sand Tail, a dazzling…

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    Tianhou Temple

    This celebrated 17th-century Matsu temple sports high, sweeping swallowtail eaves and a wealth of gorgeous Chaozhou-style woodcarvings, mostly from a 1922…

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    Penghu Aquarium

    This large, family-friendly experience is home to an engrossing collection of living sea life, from a rescued three-legged turtle and magical family of…

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    Twin Hearts Stone Weir

    Penghu's most photographed icon is a double hoop of stone walls linked to breakwaters in an ocean bay. Built with narrow openings, they were designed to…

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    Huazhai Traditional Dwellings

    In the west coast fishing village of Zhongshe, over 130 small, traditional houses survive, most tightly packed in two photogenic huddles. Made of local…

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    Central Street

    Magong's cute if minuscule historic heart is a forked alley of old-style shops directly east of the Tianhou (Matsu) Temple.

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    Penghu Living Museum

    This large modern museum offers an excellent introduction to Penghu's history, culture and changing lifestyles. Memorable features include the explanation…

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    Erkan Old Residences

    Penghu's only really 'complete' traditional village, low-slung Erkan oozes charm and is appealingly set on a grassy plateau raised above the sea…

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    Fengkuei Cave & Youfu Pavilion

    At the southernmost tip of Fengkuei is Fengkuei Cave, where strong waves create long rectangular spaces under the coastal basalt. When the tide rises,…

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    Guanyinting Park

    Come to this relaxing park for one of Magong's most quintessential experiences: watching the gilded sunset colours spreading across the sea, framed by the…

  • S
    South Penghu Marine National Park

    Comprises a series of small but beautiful islets and sea stacks between Wang'an and Chimei, plus over 35,000 hectares of surrounding waters. The four…

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    Suogang Pagodas

    The little town of Suogang is dominated by the extraordinary Ziwugong, a gigantic temple topped by a three-storey statue of the Jade Emperor (玉皇太帝; Yù…

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    Tongliang Banyan Tree

    The 300-year-old Tongliang Banyan Tree covers a remarkable 600 sq metres, sending down roots that essentially form the pillars of a natural hallway that…

  • X
    Xiaomen Geology Gallery

    This attractively laid-out museum gives a good introduction to the volcanic and sedimentary rocks that make up the archipelago. It sits on the slope that…

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    Yuwongdao Lighthouse

    Almost comically small, this cast-iron lighthouse was built in 1878 by Brits who initially staffed the place on 10-year shifts. The main attractions are…

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    West Fortress

    The largest of Penghu's five fortress sites, this was one of a pair rebuilt in 1887 following the end of the Sino-French War. Four heavy Armstrong guns …

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    Da-yi Temple

    The 200-year-old Da-yi Temple is dedicated to Guandi, the god of war, with 4m bronze statues guarding the entry stairs.

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    Geopark Centre

    To learn about Penghu basalt in all its forms, don't miss this impressive new geological centre one short block south of the Living Museum.