Tongliang Banyan Tree

Penghu Islands

The 300-year-old Tongliang Banyan Tree covers a remarkable 600 sq metres, sending down roots that essentially form the pillars of a natural hallway that leads into a colourful temple. However, it's partly held up by unsightly brick and concrete frames and the endless tour groups can get noisy.

With little else to do during their 20-minute stop here, most visitors hit the next door 'Cactus Ice' shop for ice creams in fanciful flavours including peanut, aloe and signature prickly pear (one scoop NT$25). This and other boxy buildings face a small fishing dock.

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1. Xiaomen Geology Gallery

2.55 MILES

This attractively laid-out museum gives a good introduction to the volcanic and sedimentary rocks that make up the archipelago. It sits on the slope that…

2. Da-yi Temple

2.83 MILES

The 200-year-old Da-yi Temple is dedicated to Guandi, the god of war, with 4m bronze statues guarding the entry stairs.

3. Penghu Aquarium

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4. Erkan Old Residences

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5. Daguoyeh Prismatic Basalt


This minor geological curiosity is a vertically contoured wall of basalt forming a small outcrop in the grass-and-scrub landscape. There's a glass-box…

6. Jibei Sand Tail

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Those desert island paradise photos you probably saw on Penghu's promotion brochures and websites were most likely taken at Jibei Sand Tail, a dazzling…

7. Penghu Reclamation Hall

6.05 MILES

This attractive building from 1933 is fundamentally a Japanese house but with European art deco elements.

8. Guanyinting Park

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Come to this relaxing park for one of Magong's most quintessential experiences: watching the gilded sunset colours spreading across the sea, framed by the…