Tianhou Temple

Top choice in Penghu Islands

This celebrated 17th-century Matsu temple sports high, sweeping swallowtail eaves and a wealth of gorgeous Chaozhou-style woodcarvings, mostly from a 1922 restoration.

A stele found here was inscribed with a 1604 order from General Shen Young demanding that the Dutch get out of Taiwan, a discovery that gives some credence to local claims that this is the oldest Matsu temple in Taiwan.

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1. Central Street

0.06 MILES

Magong's cute if minuscule historic heart is a forked alley of old-style shops directly east of the Tianhou (Matsu) Temple.

3. Magong Old Wall

0.14 MILES

A quick walk west along Zhongshan Rd from central Magong takes you to Shuncheng Gate, the only restored portal in the largely overgrown old city wall.

4. Duxing 10th Village

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This self-contained 'village' was once the living quarters of military families. The partly derelict area is now being valiantly reworked into a small…

5. Guanyinting Park

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Come to this relaxing park for one of Magong's most quintessential experiences: watching the gilded sunset colours spreading across the sea, framed by the…

6. Penghu Reclamation Hall

0.41 MILES

This attractive building from 1933 is fundamentally a Japanese house but with European art deco elements.

7. Geopark Centre

0.95 MILES

To learn about Penghu basalt in all its forms, don't miss this impressive new geological centre one short block south of the Living Museum.

8. Penghu Living Museum


This large modern museum offers an excellent introduction to Penghu's history, culture and changing lifestyles. Memorable features include the explanation…