South Penghu Marine National Park

Penghu Islands

Comprises a series of small but beautiful islets and sea stacks between Wang'an and Chimei, plus over 35,000 hectares of surrounding waters. The four biggest islands have remnant villages, though they're largely uninhabited these days other than fishermen's shacks and occasionally used temples.

Visits are only possible by tours, which usually stick to diving on the fine reefs and visiting the ocean basalt formations rather than landing on the islands.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Penghu Islands attractions

1. Twin Hearts Stone Weir

8.54 MILES

Penghu's most photographed icon is a double hoop of stone walls linked to breakwaters in an ocean bay. Built with narrow openings, they were designed to…

3. Huazhai Traditional Dwellings

9.37 MILES

In the west coast fishing village of Zhongshe, over 130 small, traditional houses survive, most tightly packed in two photogenic huddles. Made of local…

4. Suogang Pagodas

18.57 MILES

The little town of Suogang is dominated by the extraordinary Ziwugong, a gigantic temple topped by a three-storey statue of the Jade Emperor (玉皇太帝; Yù…

5. Fengkuei Cave & Youfu Pavilion

19.42 MILES

At the southernmost tip of Fengkuei is Fengkuei Cave, where strong waves create long rectangular spaces under the coastal basalt. When the tide rises,…

6. Dutch Fort site

20.52 MILES

For fine views and nice walks, follow signs to Snakehead Hill (蛇頭山; Shétóu Shān) and discover some grassy terraces on which once stood a Dutch fort.

7. Duxing 10th Village

21.1 MILES

This self-contained 'village' was once the living quarters of military families. The partly derelict area is now being valiantly reworked into a small…

8. Magong Old Wall

21.11 MILES

A quick walk west along Zhongshan Rd from central Magong takes you to Shuncheng Gate, the only restored portal in the largely overgrown old city wall.