West Fortress

Penghu Islands

The largest of Penghu's five fortress sites, this was one of a pair rebuilt in 1887 following the end of the Sino-French War. Four heavy Armstrong guns (up to 12-inch bore) still sit on the far bastion and it's fun to spend five minutes burrowing through the tunnels which are plastered but totally bare.

The location is lonely and windswept apart from the large visitor centre (free) which gives historical context and introduces Penghu's other forts.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Penghu Islands attractions

1. Yuwongdao Lighthouse

1.32 MILES

Almost comically small, this cast-iron lighthouse was built in 1878 by Brits who initially staffed the place on 10-year shifts. The main attractions are…

2. Daguoyeh Prismatic Basalt

2.73 MILES

This minor geological curiosity is a vertically contoured wall of basalt forming a small outcrop in the grass-and-scrub landscape. There's a glass-box…

3. Erkan Old Residences


Penghu's only really 'complete' traditional village, low-slung Erkan oozes charm and is appealingly set on a grassy plateau raised above the sea…

4. Dutch Fort site


For fine views and nice walks, follow signs to Snakehead Hill (蛇頭山; Shétóu Shān) and discover some grassy terraces on which once stood a Dutch fort.

5. Fengkuei Cave & Youfu Pavilion

3.88 MILES

At the southernmost tip of Fengkuei is Fengkuei Cave, where strong waves create long rectangular spaces under the coastal basalt. When the tide rises,…

6. Duxing 10th Village

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This self-contained 'village' was once the living quarters of military families. The partly derelict area is now being valiantly reworked into a small…

7. Magong Old Wall


A quick walk west along Zhongshan Rd from central Magong takes you to Shuncheng Gate, the only restored portal in the largely overgrown old city wall.

8. Guanyinting Park

4.61 MILES

Come to this relaxing park for one of Magong's most quintessential experiences: watching the gilded sunset colours spreading across the sea, framed by the…