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The people of Matsu speak a dialect derived from Fuzhou in mainland China, which is mostly unintelligible to speakers of Taiwanese. For over a generation they could only watch their brethren in Fuzhou through binoculars; today, the latter forms a substantial part of the visitor population.

Matsu islands are grouped into townships; the main townships, which are connected by ferries, are Nangan, Beigan, Dongyin and Jyuguang.

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$95 Shore Excursions

4-Hour Shore Excursion: Tianjin City Highlights and Binhai Bullet Train Experience

Meet up your friendly private guide at 9:00am at Tianjin International Cruise Port. Then you will be transferred to Binhai Railway Station. Experience China Bullet train. You will reach the downtown of Tianjin in 29 minutes. Explore the Ancient Culture Street (Gu Wenhuajie). Walk through the traditional alleys. Please feel free to get your goodies. There are tons of traditional stores such like fans, jade, silver jewelry, clay Zhang, silk embroidery. Chinese art,  calligraphy brushes..etc. Then, Visit Tianhou Palace, The Temple of the Queen of Heaven. A beautiful Temple complex. Initially constructed in 1326 for marine sacrifices by sailors and fishermen it served for centuries as main venue for prayers to Matsu, the goddess of Sea. Tasting the local delicacy Tianjin Style crepe Jianbing and the well-know dessert fried rice cake, Erduoyan, At the end of the tour your tour guide take your back to Tianjin International Cruise Port via bullet train. Tours end at 3:00pm. 

$45.93 Private & Custom Tours

Private Tour - Experience Japanese Culture at Temples and Shrines in Ueno

The official name for Ueno Park is Ueno Onshi Park, and it spreads across 500,000 square meters (the equivalent of 10 baseball stadiums). Within its grounds stands a museum, a zoo and a number of shrines and temples. On this tour you will enjoy a walk around the park, collecting special stamps from the temples and shrines that you visit. Your otomo tour guide will introduce the history behind the temples and shrines and tell you interesting facts for you to enjoy along the way. For example, they will tell you story behind the row of bright red torii at Hanazono Inari Shrine, which is also a great place to take photographs.Enjoy an indepth tour of Ueno Onshi Park!Highlights • See historic artist, Hiroshige Utagawa's print, "Tsuki no Matsu" from his collection, "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo". • Take photographs in the row of bright red torii at Hanazono Inari Shrine. • Enjoy the sight of the grand architecture of the shrine structure at Ueno Toshogu Shrine. Attractions • Kiyomizu Kannon-do Temple • Shinobasunoike Bentendo Temple • Hanazono Inari Shrine • Gojoten Shrine • Ueno Toshogu Shrine