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Lake Geneva & Vaud

Western Europe’s largest lake, known by the francophones who people its shores as Lac Léman but the rest of the world as Lake Geneva, is anchored by the city that claims it, wrapping around her southern shore.

Half the lake belongs to France and most of its eastern shoreline, but the rest of it is the pride of the Vaudoise, from where views across the lake onto the Alps are nothing short of spellbinding. Explorations into the Alps reward summer hikers with perfect air and unthinkable vistas. In winter, the region becomes a pricey playground for the world's ski-loving elite.

The shore-hugging rail journey from Geneva to Montreux, past the terraced vineyards of the Lavaux, to Lausanne, home to a boisterous student population and the International Olympic Committee and Vevey (of Nestlé fame), whizzing by fairy-tale châteaux, luxurious lakeside manors and sparkling 'beaches', is one you simply must take.

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