Must-see attractions in Palau

  • Belau National Museum & Bai


    This little museum features exhibits from all eras of Palauan life, including artworks, photography, sculpture, storyboards and more. As you move between…

  • Peleliu WWII Museum, Peleliu Island, Palau

    WWII Memorial Museum


    Housed in a concrete building that was a dispensary during WWII, this well-organised museum is an excellent starting point to understand the historical…

  • Badrulchau Stone Monoliths


    If you want to see the 'Easter Island of Micronesia', bookmark this archaeological site located at Babeldaob's northernmost point, where you'll find large…

  • Japanese Headquarters, Peleliu, Palau

    Japanese Military Headquarters Building


    This two-storey building was the Japanese forward command post during WWII. It was important in their efforts to control Peleliu and was very fiercely…

  • WWII American Tanks, Peleliu Island, Palau

    American Tanks


    Northwest of the airstrip, two sturdy-looking US tanks rust in union on a grassy patch of land near a dirt track. Both are LVTs – Landing Vehicle Tractors…

  • Airai Bai, Babeldaob Island, Palau

    Airai Bai


    Palau's oldest bai (men's meeting house) is over 100 years old, 21m long and 6m wide, with a steeply pitched roof reaching a height of 12m. It was…

  • Peleliu Peace Memorial Park, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Peleliu Peace Memorial Park


    On the southwestern tip of the island, the Japanese government built this memorial in 1985 for those who perished on Palau during WWII. The monument…

  • Melekeok Bai, Babeldaob Island, Palau

    Melekeok Bai


    This elegant bai (men's meeting house) stands in superb isolation up a hill in Melekeok. From the Melekeok State Office, where you'll pay the entrance fee…

  • Kaigun Sho (Japanese Communication Centre), Babeldaob Island, Palau

    Kaigun Sho


    Babeldaob's most impressive WWII site, Kaigun Sho is a bombed-out shell building, used as a communication centre by the Japanese during WWII. The facade…

  • Thousand Man Cave, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Thousand Man Cave


    On the northern outskirts of the Klouklubed village, Thousand Man Cave refers to a maze of tunnels and chambers built by the Japanese during WWII. The…

  • Palau Community College Bai, Koror, Palau

    Palau Community College Bai


    Your first encounter with a bai (men's meeting house made of wood and thatch) will probably take place in the grounds of Palau Community College, right in…

  • Ngatpang Waterfall


    Fancy a dip? Make a beeline for this little jungle waterfall that drops into a broad pool. It's only a five-minute walk down the main road, but there's no…

  • Capitol building, Babeldaob Island, Palau

    Palau National Capitol


    Washington DC? No, Palau's political centre. This monumental building, which was constructed in 2006, is a replica of the American capitol. Visitors are…

  • Ngardmau Waterfall, Babeldaob Island, Palau

    Ngardmau Waterfall


    One of Babeldaob's premier attractions, Ngardmau Waterfall flows from Palau's tallest peak, 217m-high Mt Ngerchelchuus. It's the tallest waterfall in…

  • Wrecked LVT A1 Tank, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Tank and Japanese Cannon


    Right in the middle of the island, there's a wrecked LVT A1 tank that was lost in action when US Marines overran a nearby Japanese stronghold in 1944…

  • Japanese Power Plant, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Japanese Power Plant Building


    One of Peleliu's most spectacular WWII sites, this large concrete structure suffered severe damage from aerial bombing – look for the massive hole in the…

  • Orange Beach, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Orange Beach


    The first US invasion forces to land on Peleliu came ashore at Orange Beach on 15 September 1944. From concrete pillboxes, the Japanese machine-gunned the…

  • Underwater viewing area, Pulau Aquarium.

    Palau Aquarium


    This intriguing aquarium is part of the Pacific International Coral Reef Centre, a Japanese-funded research complex. It aims to educate visitors about…

  • US Marine Corps Monument, Peleliu Island, Koror

    US Marine Corps Monument


    On a clearing located on the eastern flank of Bloody Nose Ridge is this small but poignant coral memorial, dedicated to the US Navy and Marine Corps…

  • White Beach, Initial Landing of US troops in Sep 1944, Remnants of Sherman Tanks encrusted with corals and visible at low tide, Peleliu Island, Palau

    White Beach


    The initial landing site of the US troops that started the 1944 Battle of Peleliu was this large coral beach at the southwestern tip of the island…

  • Avenger Airplane, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Avenger Aircraft


    The relics of this American plane lie hidden in a forest near a dirt track. The wing, propeller, engine and 50-calibre gun are still clearly visible. The…

  • Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge, Palau

    Japan-Palau Friendship Bridge


    Built in 2002 by a Japanese company, this appealing suspension bridge stretches in a soaring 431m arch over the channel between Koror and Babeldaob. It…

  • 81st Infantry Division Memorial, Peleliu Island, Palau

    81st Infantry Division Memorial


    Just before Orange Beach there are two grey coral monuments with plaques dedicated to the US Army's 81st Infantry Wildcat Division. This unit was actively…

  • Airplane Graveyard, Peleliu Island, Babeldaob

    Airplane Graveyard


    Behind Camp Beck Dock, you'll find a huge pile of mangled WWII plane engines, cockpits, tubing, fuselages and anchors, all compacted into blocks of…

  • Japanese Tank, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Japanese Tank


    This Japanese tank was used to protect the airfield from US attacks during WWII but was hit by US Marines in 1944. Given its small size, it's hard to…

  • Japanese Zero Fighter, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Japanese Zero Fighter


    This photogenic Japanese Zero Fighter lies in a small clearing close to the road, but you'll need a guide to find it. The wings and cockpit are in a…

  • Purple Beach, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Purple Beach


    On Peleliu's east coast, this stellar stretch of white sand lapped by emerald waters is ideal for splashing about, sunbathing or picnicking.

  • Japanese Shrine, Peleliu Island, Palau

    Japanese Shrine


    Just at the base of Bloody Nose Ridge is this small shrine commemorating the Japanese soldiers who died in the WWII Battle of Peleliu.

  • Japanese Bunker


    This massive, heavily fortified Japanese bunker was used to protect the nearby airfield from US invasion.

  • Ngardok Nature Reserve


    Micronesia's largest natural freshwater reservoir, this protected area will appeal to nature lovers. The site has a well-maintained nature trail (about 1…

  • Etpison Museum


    Palau's (and Micronesia's) history and culture are showcased at this splendid museum east of Koror city centre. A highlight is the superb collection of…

  • Mother & Child Monolith


    On the eastern outskirts of Koror, the village of Ngermid is home to the Mother & Child Stone, said to be the Lot-like remains of a mum and kid who were…

  • German Black House & Japanese Gun


    This large bunker partially covered by thick vegetation was used by the Japanese to protect Scarlet Beach. It was taken by the US infantry in 1944. Twenty…

  • Odalmelech Stone Faces


    Melekeok is home to some very baffling basaltic monoliths that are reminiscent of Easter Island's giant statues. They are carbon dated as far back as 895…

  • Scarlet Beach


    On the southeast tip of the island, this quiet, sheltered bay is edged by a broad strand of white sand. It has shallow, calm waters.