Must-see attractions in Norway

  • Virgohamna


    One of the most intriguing sites in northwest Spitsbergen is Virgohamna, on the bleak, gravelly island of Danskøya, where the remains of several broken…

  • Hiker sitting on a rock in front of Gjendesee Lake in Jotunheimen National Park.

    Jotunheimen National Park

    Central Norway

    This national park, 17km southwest of Lom, is one of Norway's best wilderness destinations. It has a network of hiking trails leading to some 60 glaciers…

  • Glacier Kjenndalsbreen.


    The Western Fjords

    It's a picturesque run of 21km or so up the Lodalen valley to reach this offshoot of the glacier, perhaps the least visited of the four main tongues. The…

  • Svalbard Bryggeri

    Svalbard Bryggeri


    Having opened for business in 2015, Svalbard's very own brewery makes the very quaffable Spitsbergen IPA, Spitsbergen Pilsener and Spitsbergen Pale Ale –…

  • River during autumn at Ovre Dividal National Park, Norway.

    Øvre Dividal National Park

    The Far North

    Hard up against the Swedish and Finnish borders, Øvre Dividal National Park is a remote, 750-sq-km wilderness area rich in woodland, high-country views…

  • Svalbard museum of Longyearbyen.

    Svalbard Museum


    Museum is the wrong word for this impressive exhibition space. Themes on display include life on the edge formerly led by whalers, trappers, seal and…

  • Group of walruses on Prins Karls Forland, Svalbard.

    Prins Karls Forlandet


    On the west coast of Spitsbergen, the oddly shaped, 86km-long, 11km-wide island of Prins Karls Forlandet is a national park set aside to protect breeding…

  • Lillehammer Art Museum, Lillehammer, Norway.

    Lillehammer Art Museum

    Central Norway

    Lillehammer's stunning metal-and-glass art museum looks like a spaceship that's landed in the middle of town. It explores Norwegian visual arts from the…

  • Red lighthouse in Andenes.

    Andenes Fyr


    The town's landmark red lighthouse, automated for many years, opened in 1859 and still shines on. To climb its 40m and 148 steps, arrange a guided tour…

  • Stiklestad church and cemetery in Stiklestad, Norway.

    Stiklestad Church


    The lovely Stiklestad Church was built in 1150–80 above the stone on which the dying St Olav reputedly leaned. The original stone was believed to have…

  • Wooden Roldal stave church in Norway.

    Røldal Stave Church

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    This 13th-century stave church's wooden cross, according to local legend, sweats every midsummer's eve; the sweat is said to have healing powers. The…

  • KODE 3


    KODE 3 is all about Edvard Munch: overall, the collection here is arguably even better than Oslo's Munch Museum. The rooms are fabulously intimate:…

  • Kjerringøy Trading Post


    At Kjerringøy, some 40km north of Bodø, the entrepreneurial Zahl family established an important trading station in the 19th century. The trading post…

  • KODE 1


    Reopened in 2017 after two years of renovation works, this impressive museum makes a good place to start your explorations of KODE's collection. Two new…

  • Munchmuseet

    Sofienberg, Grønland & Tøyen

    This monographic museum dedicated to Norway's greatest artist, Edvard Munch (1863–1944), houses the largest collection of his work in the world: some 28…

  • Flydalsjuvet

    The Northern Fjords

    You'll have seen that classic photo somewhere, beloved of brochures, of the overhanging rock Flydalsjuvet, usually with a figure gazing down at a cruise…

  • Kniven Viewpoint


    For the best view over Ålesund and its fishhook-shaped peninsula, as well as the mountains and islands beyond, head up the 418 steps to the summit of…

  • Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum

    Western Finnmark

    The Stabbursnes Naturhus og Museum serves both the Stabbursdalen National Park and Stabbursnes Nature Reserve. It sells field guides, maps and fishing…

  • Henie-Onstad Art Centre


    This private art museum contains works by Joan Miró and Pablo Picasso, as well as assorted impressionist, abstract, expressionist and contemporary…

  • North Pole Expedition Museum


    This fascinating private museum houses a stunning collection of artefacts, original newspapers and other documents relating to the history of polar…

  • Lofoten Glass


    Given the view, it's little wonder owner Cathinka Mæhlum was inspired to set up a workshop and gallery beside Kabelvåg's pretty harbour. Drop in to admire…

  • Drågen Smokehouse

    The Northern Fjords

    Petter Aune set up this operation, where freshly caught Aukra salmon are smoked with pure local wood and herbs, after tiring of the poor quality…

  • Engelskmannsbrygga


    Here at 'Englishman's Wharf' is the open studio and gallery of three talented local artists: potter Cecilie Haaland, wildlife photographer and guide John…

  • Frognerparken


    Frognerparken attracts westside locals with its broad lawns, ponds, stream and rows of shady trees for picnics, strolling or lounging on the grass. It…

  • Kaviar Factory


    This fabulous art gallery inhabits an arresting, restored 1950s factory with a changing cast of cutting-edge temporary art exhibitions. The design shop at…

  • Fredriksten fortress overlooking Norwegian city Halden; Shutterstock ID 1467502673; your: Bridget Brown; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: POI Image Update

    Fredriksten Fortress & Museums

    Southern Norway

    Crowning the hilltop behind Halden is the 1661 Fredriksten Fortress, which has resisted six Swedish sieges and never been captured. The fortress covers a…

  • The Gol Stave Church of the Norwegian Folk Museum

    Norsk Folkemuseum

    Aker Brygge & Bygdøy

    This folk museum is Norway's largest open-air museum and one of Oslo's most popular attractions. The museum includes more than 140 buildings, mostly from…

  • The Royal Palace

    Royal Palace


    The Norwegian royal family's seat of residence emerges from the woodland-like Slottsparken, a relatively modest, pale-buttercup neoclassical pile. Built…

  • Muskox (Ovibos moschatus), Dovrefjell Sunndalsfjella National Park, Norway

    Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella National Park

    Central Norway

    This 4367-sq-km national park, Norway's largest continuous protected area, protects the dramatic highlands around the 2286m-high Snøhetta. It also…

  • Kjeåsen Farm

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    Perched 600m above Eidfjord are two farms that were, until 1974, completely inaccessible by road. Until then, residents had no choice but to lug all their…

  • Kaupanger stave church (Kaupanger stavkyrkje) is the largest stave church in the Sogn og Fjordane, and is situated in the town of Kaupanger, Norway. The nave is supported by 22 staves, 8 on each of the longer sides and 3 on each of the shorter. The elevated chancel is carried by 4 free standing staves. The church has the largest number of staves to be found in any one stave church. It is still in use as a parish church, having been in use continuously since its erection.


    The Coast

    Kaupang, 5km east of Larvik, was a former Viking town built around AD 800 and occupied until 960. It is believed that up to 1000 people once lived here…

  • Royal Silver Mines

    Southern Norway

    The profusion of silver mines in Kongsberg's hinterland is known collectively as Sølvgruvene. The easiest way to visit is with the tours that leave from…

  • harbour boat house norway nyksund; Shutterstock ID 120028675; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Nyksund Museum


    Nyksund's small museum contains a number of local artefacts and before-and-after photos that chart the village's transformation. Then again, the whole…

  • Røros Kirke

    Central Norway

    Røros' copper industry was booming when local notables decided to finance the construction of this lovely – and large – Lutheran church in 1784, at a cost…

  • Norsk Luftfartsmuseum


    Norway's 10,000-sq-metre aviation museum is huge fun to ramble around if you have a passing interest in flight and aviation history – allow at least half…

  • KODE 4


    Modern-art aficionados will want to make a beeline to KODE 4, which is home to a large permanent collection of European Modernist works including the odd…

  • Hanseatic Museum


    This interesting museum provides a window into the world of Hanseatic traders. Housed in a rough-timber building dating from 1704, it starkly reveals the…

  • Briksdalsbreen

    The Western Fjords

    The main target for most visitors on the northern side of the park is this impressive glacier, which can be reached along a scenic 23km road from Olden…

  • Sverresborg Trøndelag Folkemuseum


    Three kilometres west of the centre, this folk museum is one of the best of its kind in Norway. The indoor exhibition, Livsbilder (Images of Life),…

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