Must-see attractions in Norway

  • Egersund Fayancemuseum

    The Coast

    A walkable 1.5km northeast of Egersund centre, this well-designed museum (squirrelled away in an unprepossessing shopping centre), houses the wares of…

  • Arctic Cathedral


    The 11 triangles of the Arctic Cathedral (1965) suggest glacial crevasses and auroral curtains. The glowing stained-glass window that occupies the east…

  • Gaustabanen Cable Railway

    Southern Norway

    Gaustabanen runs 860m deep into the core of Gausta before a different train climbs an incredible 1040m, alongside 3500 steps at a 40-degree angle, to…

  • Petter Dass Museum


    Even if you've never heard of the medieval Norwegian poet Petter Dass (1647–1707), don't miss this stunning museum at Alstahaug south of Sandnessjøen…

  • Selja Monastery

    The Western Fjords

    The haunting ruins of Selja monastery and the church of St Sunniva on Selja Island date from the 11th and 12th centuries respectively: this has been a…

  • Wild Photo Gallery


    This gallery of stunning Svalbard photos by Ole Jørgen Liodden and Roy Mangersnes is small but filled with utterly unforgettable images. A book that…

  • Fjellheisen


    For a fine view of the city and the midnight sun, take the cable car to the top of Mt Storsteinen (421m). There's a terrace and (pricey) restaurant at the…

  • Foto Galleri


    Stunning photos of the Lofoten Islands in all their brooding glory, most of them for sale, are the work of photographer Anders Finsland. It's worth…

  • Opera building.

    Oslo Opera House

    Opera House & Bjørvika

    Centrepiece of Oslo's rapidly developing waterfront, the magnificent Opera House (2008), reminiscent of a glacier floating in the waters of the Oslofjord,…

  • Heddal Stave Church

    Heddal Stave Church

    Southern Norway

    This fairy-tale church is the largest and one of the most beautiful of Norway's 28 remaining stave churches. As always, it's constructed around Norwegian…

  • Akershus Fortress Oslo Norway; Shutterstock ID 553892116; Your name (First / Last): Gemma Graham; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: BiT Destination Page Images

    Akershus Festning


    When Oslo was named capital of Norway in 1299, King Håkon V ordered the construction of Akershus, strategically located on the eastern side of the harbour…

  • Old fortress town in Fredrikstad


    Southern Norway

    The timbered houses, moats, gates and drawbridge of the Fredrikstad Gamlebyen are simply enchanting. The perimeter walls, once defended by 200 cannons,…

  • OSLO, NORWAY - 8 JULY, 2015: Famous beautiful concrete building which houses Nobel Peace Centre located by the waterfront at Aker Brygge.; Shutterstock ID 312822503; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; GL account no.: 56530; Netsuite department name: Online Design; Full Product or Project name including edition: Digital Content/Sights

    Nobels Fredssenter

    Aker Brygge & Bygdøy

    Norwegians take pride in their role as international peacemakers, and the Nobel Peace Prize is their gift to the men and women judged to have done the…

  • Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society

    Western Finnmark

    Dedicated to preserving Hammerfest culture, the Royal & Ancient Polar Bear Society (founded in 1963) features exhibits on Arctic hunting and local history…

  • Norsk Oljemuseum


    Admittedly, the prospect of an 'oil museum' doesn't sound like the most promising option for an afternoon out, but this state-of-the-art place exploring…

  • Archbishop's Palace


    The 12th-century archbishop's residence (Erkebispegården), commissioned around 1160 and Scandinavia's oldest secular building, is beside the cathedral. In…

  • Norwegian Industrial Workers Museum

    Southern Norway

    This museum, 7km west of Rjukan, is in the Vemork power station, which was the world's largest when completed in 1911. These days it honours the Socialist…

  • Mímisbrunnr Klimapark 2469

    Central Norway

    If you want to learn all about the wonders of ice, this impressive experience takes you closer than you ever thought possible. Guided tours take you 60m…

  • Canning Museum


    Don't miss this surprising museum housed in an old cannery: it's one of Stavanger's most entertaining. Before oil, there were sardines, and Stavanger was…

  • Norsk Fiskeværsmuseum


    This museum takes in 14 of Å's 19th-century boathouses, storehouses, fishing cottages, farmhouses and commercial buildings. Highlights (pick up a pamphlet…

  • Hammerfest Kirke

    Western Finnmark

    The design of Hammerfest's contemporary church, consecrated in 1961, was inspired by the racks used for drying fish in the salty sea air all across…

  • Stiftsgården


    Scandinavia's largest wooden palace, the 140-room late-baroque Stiftsgården, was constructed as a private residence in the late 18th century, at the…

  • Magic Ice


    Housed appropriately in what was once a fish-freezing plant, this is the ultimate place to chill out (perhaps with something to warm the spirit). The 500…

  • Olympic Park

    Central Norway

    After Lillehammer won its bid for the 1994 Winter Olympics, the Norwegian government ploughed more than two billion kroner into the town's infrastructure…

  • Gamle Stavanger


    Gamle (Old) Stavanger, above the western shore of the harbour, is a delight. The Old Town's cobblestone walkways pass between rows of late-18th-century…

  • Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall

    The Coast

    This highly regarded contemporary art gallery is a 15-minute walk from the town centre on the northern reaches of Arendal. One of the largest contemporary…

  • E-huset


    In the tiny fishing hamlet of Nes, this delightful, engagingly informative small museum celebrates the eider duck and the way the birds were nurtured as…

  • Global Seed Vault

    Svalbard Global Seed Vault


    Deep inside a mountain, down beneath the permafrost, a vast artificial cavern, already dubbed the Doomsday Vault or a vegetarian Noah's Ark, was opened in…

  • Whirlpool and tidal currents in the Saltstraumen Maelstrom.

    Saltstraumen Maelstrom


    The Saltstraumen Maelstrom is one of Norway's more unusual natural occurrences, which is guaranteed to occur four times every 24 hours. At the 3km-long,…

  • Fram Museum, Bygdoy, Oslo, Norway

    Polarship Fram Museum

    Aker Brygge & Bygdøy

    This museum is dedicated to one of the most enduring symbols of early polar exploration, the 39m schooner Fram (meaning ‘Forward’). Wander the decks, peek…

  • Canyon in Reisa National Park, Norway.

    Reisa National Park

    The Far North

    Although technically in Troms county, Reisa National Park (803 sq km) is equally accessible by road from Kautokeino. For hikers, the 50km route through…

  • Edvard Grieg's Home, Troldhaugen

    Edvard Grieg Museum


    Composer Edvard Grieg and his wife Nina Hagerup spent summers at this charming Swiss-style wooden villa from 1885 until Grieg's death in 1907. Surrounded…

  • Landscape of Rago National Park, Norway.

    Rago National Park

    Arctic Highway

    The small (171-sq-km), scarcely visited Rago National Park is a rugged chunk of forested granite mountain and moorland, riven with deep glacial cracks and…

  • View above Vøringsfossen waterfalls during rainy weather.


    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    At the summit after a steep 20km drive, and where Hardangervidda begins, is the stunning, 182m-high Vøringfoss Waterfall. There are actually numerous…

  • Stabbursdalen National Park is home to the northernmost pine forest in the world.

    Stabbursdalen National Park

    Western Finnmark

    No roads cross through the 747 sq km of Stabbursdalen National Park, which offers a spectacular glacial canyon and excellent hiking in the world's most…

  • Walking on a narrow path in Nordmarka, Oslo, Norway.



    Oslo's beloved woodland sits to the north of the Holmenkollen Ski Jump and is a prime destination for hiking, mountain biking, sledding and skiing. In the…

  • Holmenkollbakken Ski Jump located in Oslo, Norway.

    Holmenkollen Ski Jump


    The Holmenkollen Ski Jump, perched on a hilltop overlooking Oslo, offers a panoramic view of the city and doubles as a concert venue. During Oslo's annual…

  • Baroniet Rosendal and the renaissance rose garden.

    Baroniet Rosendal

    Bergen & the Southwestern Fjords

    Norway's only baronial mansion dates back to 1665 and sits on a gentle rise above the town. The period interiors include a collection of tapestries, an…

  • Oslo, Norway, 7 August 2022: view of the modern National Museum of Norway; Shutterstock ID 2244644495; your: Ann Douglas Lott; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online Editorial; full: Oslo National Gallery POI
Oslo, Norway, 7 August 2022: view of the modern National Museum of Norway



    The gallery houses the nation's largest collection of traditional and modern art, and many of Edvard Munch's best-known creations are on permanent display…

  • Ringebu Stave Church in Norway. Built in the first quarter of the 13th century, is one of 28 surviving stave churches and one of the largest.

    Ringebu Stave Church

    Central Norway

    A church has existed on this site since the arrival of Christianity in the 11th century. The current version, which remains the local parish church, dates…

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