Stabbursdalen National Park

Western Finnmark

No roads cross through the 747 sq km of Stabbursdalen National Park, which offers a spectacular glacial canyon and excellent hiking in the world's most northerly pine forest. The park is a haven for elk (moose), wolverine and the Eurasian lynx, although you'll be lucky to spot the last two species.

For hikers, there is one mountain hut, Ivarstua, in the park's north; otherwise, you'll need to camp. Two signed trails run across the north – the park's south is rocky, mountainous and hard going. For longer treks, consult the Stabbursnes visitor centre, which carries the relevant walking maps, Statens Kartverk's Stabbursdalen and Laksdal, both at 1:50,000. Less arduously, there are three signed trails, the longest requiring around four hours.