Stabbursnes Nature Reserve

Western Finnmark

The Stabbursnes Nature Reserve extends over the wetlands and mudflats at the estuary of the Stabburselva. Birdwatchers come to observe the many species of duck, geese, divers and sandpipers that rest in the area while migrating between the Arctic and more temperate zones. Ask the nature centre for a full list of birds recorded in the reserve and their seasons.

Among the more exotic species are the bar-tailed godwit, dunlin, knot and the increasingly rare lesser white-fronted goose. Coastal marshes are closed to visitors during the nesting season (May and June) and also from mid-August to mid-September.

A signed nature trail (6.4km round trip) leads along the estuary and beside the shore of Porsangerfjord. Ask at the visitor centre for its useful trail description in English.

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