Edvard Grieg's Home, Troldhaugen

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Edvard Grieg Museum


Composer Edvard Grieg and his wife Nina Hagerup spent summers at this charming Swiss-style wooden villa from 1885 until Grieg's death in 1907. Surrounded by fragrant, tumbling gardens and occupying a semirural setting (on a peninsula by coastal Nordåsvatnet lake, south of Bergen), it's truly an idyllic setting, though sadly one which can be hard to appreciate among the crowds.

Apart from Grieg's original home, there is a modern exhibition centre, a 200-seat concert hall (Troldsalen) and a tiny, lake-side Composer's Hut. Here the composer was always guaranteed silence, if not his muse.

The best public transport access is via the Bybane light rail to Hop (35kr); from there it’s a 2km signed walk. However, tour groups seem to be prioritised when accessing the house itself, and independent visitors may actually find it less frustrating to just join one of those. From June to mid-September there is a daily bus tour (adult/child 250/100kr) departing from the tourist office at 11.30am. It includes transport, a guided tour of the house and a short piano concert, and it’s wise to pre-purchase tickets. Also see the website or visit the tourist office for details of summer recitals; there is a free shuttle bus for evening performances.

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